Monday, October 30, 2006

Why I Love Monday Mornings

This morning I had this brief conversation with Little Man.

Me: wow! It sure is hot this morning.
Little Man: You're D-A-M right!

yeah well is it cussing if they spell it? What about if they spell it incorrectly?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

An Ugly Side of Autism

Yesterday M-Boy had a real bad day. Sometimes I don't like to talk about autism on my blog because every person with autism is different. Just because M-Boy acts in a certain way, it doesn't mean every autistic individual does. People with autism are unique, their own person just like 'normal' people in the world with various personalities. Sure, they may have similar characteristics that define their disorder but still, no two cases are the same. So if you don't personally know anyone with autism, please understand that M-Boy is just one of millions and my stories about him won't always relate to other autistic people. Some may but not all.

Yesterday M-Boy and Little Man were fighting over their TV in their room. Little Man wanted to watch cartoons and M-Boy wanted to play his Playstation. I was in the kitchen making dinner and could hear the argument getting louder. When it reaches a certain level they ALWAYS come running to me to sort it out. I never have to intervene without them asking. M-Boy came down first yelling and pleading his case about the TV. Little Man was a nearly a full minute behind M-Boy (rare for an argument). He came hobbling into the kitchen gushing blood from his leg. He fell on a piece of glass from a broken mirror in his room last week that I thought we had gotten all cleaned up. I immediately tended to his leg. BUT M-Boy didn't want to wait for a decision about the TV. He kept going on and on about the TV. I said "just a minute! Your brother is bleeding." M-Boy wouldn't stop. He claimed "It wasn't fair if he didn't get to play playstation because Little Man had watched TV earlier". I snapped at that point. I know empathy is hard for autistic people (some, not all-remember my warning) but his callousness towards his brother's wound was really getting to me. It wasn't a scrape. It was gushing!

I yelled at M-Boy. I told him to just wait a darn minute. His brother was bleeding and he acted like it didn't matter. He tried to say something else about the TV when my husband came into the room and took over yelling at M-Boy. It got ugly. The husband took away the TV for 24 hours and berated M-Boy for caring more about television than his brother. This did not go over well. M-Boy cried, claimed we hated him, cried some more, wished he was dead, cried even more, etc. It took a good hour to calm him down. We told him we understood that his sense of justice was severely trampled on but he failed when it came to responding to an emergency situation. He tried to get us to give back his TV privileges but I wouldn't budge. I felt so sorry for him. I really did. When he finally calmed down I hoped that his punishment would help him to TRY to think about others the next time an emergency rose. It is hard for him to switch gears once he is doing something. It is called 'transitioning'. M-Boy has to do almost everything in a ballistic manner. Once started it must go until complete. So probably if I would have said "yes the TV is yours" he could have switched gears and helped his brother. Who knows.

The ugly part for me was at midnight when he was going to bed he came into my room and said "Mommy, I want to make sure that I get to go first with the TV tomorrow. It wouldn't be fair if [ Little Man ] goes first." I wanted to cry. He didn't learn anything at all.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blogger is Giving Me Problems

Is anyone else having trouble posting? grrrrr!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Terrible Day

Mr. Daphnewood had an accident this morning. He tripped when he woke up and fell into my dresser. I had some 3-ring binders laying ontop and his face hit the binders cutting his eye. It cut the cornea but thankfully it did not cut within the visual field. That would have been tragic and possibly the end of his career in surgery. Finished before it even started. BUT that didn't happen and we here in the Daphnewood Household are extremely grateful for the heavenly protection. Please keep my hubby in your thoughts and prayers. He is home today with an eye patch and lots of pain killers. He has an appointment tomorrow to check up on it. I helped put some medicated ointment in it earlier and it was ugly underneath. The poor guy. His accident has left some people over-extended at work and I am worried there will be some resentment towards him because of it. I know that seems ridiculous that people would be upset about him getting hurt but so goes life in a residency program. He has always been there for others when they needed to go home. Hopefully they will remember that and be NICE. In the meantime, I will be driving him around for the next 3-7 days.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Complex Problem of Halloween

Candy season is upon us. I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I love candy. I hate myself when I eat tons of it. And the worse part is these little "fun size" candies. They trick you thinking it is smaller than a big candy bar and thus better for you to eat a small candy since candy is so bad for your health. So I eat one. But of course eating a tiny "fun size" candy isn't really much fun because you want more. So I eat another one. But eating two doesn't cut it either because it doesn't seem like the same amount as a normal sized candy bar and I feel cheated. So I decide to try a different "fun size" candy that is sitting in the candy bowl. Then I realize that it was just a sample of a new type of candy so I must eat another to give me the full flavor. Then I eat another type because who knows if it will still be there the next time I visit the candybowl since we have so many greedy evil candy eaters living with me. Before I know it, I find about 9 or 10 "fun size" wrappers all over the counter. Maybe this year I will be like those dentists that give out toothbrushes. But then again, I would feel screwed out of the Halloween experience and then go buy all the candy on discount November 1st. Then the cycle begins but just a day later. *sigh*

Monday, October 23, 2006

Little Man, ESP, and Pine Tar

Little Man has been freaking me out lately. The kid is so sensitive and in tune with me. I know we are close but I swear that sometimes he is reading my thoughts. Last week, I was in the kitchen doing dishes. For some reason, my mind drifted to a story that my uncle had told me about catching a shark. Little Man was in the other room playing. He came in and said "Mommy, did uncle R. throw the shark back after he caught it?" What?! Did I say something out loud without noticing? I let it slide.

Then a couple of days later I was sitting thinking about how long our train trip was. 36 hours is a very long time to be on a train. Little Man was in the same room and said "Mommy, did I behave on the train?" I was jolted that he was thinking about the train ride too. I asked him why did he ask me that and he said that he just wanted to know if he kept getting up and walking around too much while he was on the train.

Now today, the kids have been in school all day. I was thinking about Gary Sinise and how I loved him the movie "The Stand". Perhaps I would even watch it this week. Little Man came home and said "hey Mommy, do you remember the movie "Stand"? I think we should watch it again because it was really good. Mac from CSI is in it." Am I babbling out loud and not realizing it? Am I an open book? Is my son psychic? Freaky times indeed.

And I could not let it pass. Kenny Rogers was cheating last night in the World Series by using pine tar to help with his grip on the ball. He washed it off after the first inning and still kicked ass but now his image is tarnished. How sad for his team. Now if the Tigers do win, people will think it is because he cheated. I was thinking at first that people were just blowing this out of proportion but today there is picture after picture of his hand with the same brown smudge in several different games. Apparently a lot of pitchers use some type of gripping solvent. Kenny just got caught.

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Scary Event

In 2003 a friend lost his life to a horrible freak elevator accident. He was a good man with heart for Christ. He was loved by those who knew him. I won't go into details but his death made me afraid of elevators. I had a hard time getting into and out them for a very long time. Still to this day I get an anxious stomach if the elevator does not work like clockwork. Today was one of those days. I was at a parking garage and the tiny elevator had 4 adults and two small children in it. They were kind and held the door for me. The man said "come on in, there is room". It was nice of them. The two ladies with the small children were going to the 2 floor. The man and his wife were going to the 3rd floor. I was heading to the 5th. The elevator skipped the second floor then went to the third. The door would not open so it went back the second floor. We tried holding the "door open" button but the elevtor was making strange sounds and would not do anything it was supposed to. I almost got to a panic-point but the elevator took off to the 5th floor. One lady suggested we hold the button down and not let go at all. We did that and after much groaning and jerking the elevators door slowly opened. Of course we had to step up about 8 inches to get out of the elevator but all of us could not get out soon enough. It was horrible. I notified security ASAP but the event left me a little shaken.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Away From the Sun/Son

I am feeling alone today. Correction: I was feeling alone. Then I heard the song Away From the Sun by 3 Doors Down. I know it isn't a religious song but whenever I hear it, I think of it in a very spiritual way (son instead of sun). I was feeling alone but now I am climbing up to reach the arms of the One who cares about people like me!

ps. I am only going to leave this video up for a short time because I can't figure out how to make it NOT automatically play. I hate that. Nevermind. I just figured it out. Maybe I can be geek savvy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's True! Sex Sells!

So tonight I was reading Rick's blog and he mentioned RSS and all that geeky stuff. It reminded me that I have a site meter. I never check it. Well, not very often. So I ran right over and looked to see what brings people to my blog. Guess what it is! That link to the half naked picture of Brad Ausmus. He is the catcher for the Houston Astros. He is so very hot and way too cute to be non-Italian. In fact, he probably is Italian. That was the number one search on my site meter. I didn't post the picture on my blog because it isn't mine to post. Someone had the link on one of the Houston Astros boards so I just shared. Now I am waiting for a picture like for the rest of guys. Anyone else have a link? I figure just three or four more of half-naked pictures then I will have more traffic than I can handle. Sex really does sell.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Was Bored

I was having problems putting the video up so here is the link instead. Sorry folks.

Hodge Podge

The guy at the end is one of my many brothers but this brother in particular lives to embarrass us as much as he possibly can in public places.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Response From Disneyland About Motorized Scooters

I wrote a letter to Disneyland and told them that motorized scooters should not be rented by the park. I relayed the story of M-Boy getting run over and the culprit taking off. I praised Disneyland and the staff but emphasized that as crowded as Disneyland is, motorized scooters are a danger. Here is the very nice response

Dear Mrs. [Daphnewood]:

Thank you for your e-mail to the DISNEYLAND Resort. We appreciate you taking the time to share your recent experience with us.We are sorry to learn that your son was hurt by another Guest. Unfortunately, not all Guests behave with the consideration of others, and we apologize for any discomfort that you or your family experienced.

Additionally, we appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with us in regards to your request in not allowing Electrical Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) inside DISNEYLAND Park. As you are aware, our goal is to provide the finest service and accommodations. Please be assured we take your comments very seriously. Your remarks have been forwarded to the necessary leadership team so they are aware of your feedback.

We at the DISNEYLAND Resort believe Guest courtesy to be one of themost important elements of our operation. We are pleased to know thatour efforts are appreciated and that our Cast Members continue to hold our Guests' well being in high regard. As Walt Disney once said, "The greatest moments in life are not concerned with selfish achievements but rather for the things we do for the people we love and esteem." It is always great to hear that our Cast Members exceed the expectations of our Guests.

Again, thank you for contacting us. Comments such as yours are welcomed in that they assist us in evaluating our operation and our success in generating happiness for our Guests. We hope you will have the opportunity to visit the DISNEYLAND Resort soon and that our attractions and entertainment will delight you in every way.

[A Really Nice Guy]
Guest Communications

Friday, October 13, 2006

All To Myself

Mr. Daphnewood is on vacation starting today at noon. He was supposed to be on vacation last night but you know how it goes. When he gets back from his conference in Colorado on Sunday afternoon, I will have him all to myself. The kids will be in school for most of the day monday through friday so I won't have to share during that time. He will probably make me cook way more than I like to but I won't mind as long as he is doing a little cooking of his own he he he. Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Steal My Idea Coca-Cola & Pepsi Co.

I read this article about women's health. If you don't want to read it, I'll sum it up for you: women who drink cola are losing out in the area of bone density because they are not drinking milk. Now I saw this coming a long time ago. Mostly because I had heard that many women only drink water, tea or diet soda. I am guilty as charged. I never drink milk because of being lactose intolerant. Anyhoo, my idea WAY BACK THEN was to fortify cola with calcium. They do it with orange juice, so why not soda? Honestly, I have given up soda. If you don't count Disneyland I have been soda free. I say just add a little calcium to diet sodas and your bone density issues would be solved. So please Pepsi Co., Coca-Cola and the makers of Dr. Pepper, steal my idea!

A Little Rain, Many Colors

Today is wonderful. It is sprinkling on and off. As I took Little Man to school I noticed the trees were changing colors. Vivid reds, yellows and oranges. The funny part about it all is that I scheduled stew for tonight, a perfect meal for such a day. I picked it out last week when I went grocery shopping. Damn I am good!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Funny YouTube Clip

If you are a fan of the Back To The Future movies, then this clip ought to crack you up. It is a song that Tom Wilson wrote. He starred in all three movies as Biff and Biff's relatives. It is less than two minutes long. Go watch it. You won't be sorry.

Two Movie Reviews

On friday I went to my movie, all alone with my small popcorn with just a splash of extra fat grams (a.k.a. movie theater butter flavored topping). I went to The Guardian. It was about the US Coast Guard. It was really lame. I mean MEGA lame. I was so pissed off that I wasted my freedom friday for that movie. I could tell you EXACTLY what was going to happen next. I saw one trailer for this movie but it was so freakin' contrived and manipulating that the emotional scenes didn't even give me a lump in my throat. Coast Guards in America deserved better than that mess of a movie. I liked Kevin Costner. He actually looked normal and not forcefully acting. This time, unfortunately for him, it was just a sucky script.

Then yesterday, I kept my promise to my kids and took them to see Open Season in the IMAX 3-D. Now that was a funny and very enjoyable film. I like to laugh out loud and this movie made me do that several times. The 3-D experience is so much better with the animated films. In two weeks the Nightmare Before Christmas is coming out in 3-D. Mouse has already begged me to take her. When we went to Disneyland she got exactly 3 souvenirs. One: a black hooded zip up sweatshirt with Jack Skellington's face on it. Two: a charm bracelet with Nightmare Before Christmas charms attached. Three: a black coffee thermos with Jack Skellington on it. Recently I have discovered that many gothic types of children like Jack but Mouse is just an artist and a Tim Burton fan. Thank god because I would have to nip that one in the bud real quick.

Friday, October 06, 2006


The kids are at school. My husband is at work and will be on call all night. My mom and brother are in California. Can you smell the freedom?! I am going to Target to buy a lego ambulance for Little Man (he saved his money and asked me to run this errand for him). Then I am going to the movies all by myself. That is such heaven to me. I am going to have a small popcorn even though I started my diet. I budgeted the calories in. I might even buy a soda. I haven't had sodas since august except for sips at Disneyland last week. I just don't want to get hooked again so I might stick with water. I know this is a lame post but I am so excited! Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Husbands and Squirrels

I talked to Mr. Daphnewood last night about my anger and hate for the 'hit and run family' at Disneyland. I felt a lot better afterwards. He made me realize I was really angry with myself for not handling it better (getting the park police) but there was no use in harboring such hate, especially since they probably haven't even thought twice about it. Why waste energy? Mica is fine and that is all that matters. Husbands can be so wise. I am very lucky to have such a great guy standing in my corner. He is a great husband and fantastic father. He made me feel better because he said he probably would have lost his medical license if he had been there; so my rampage was minor. I believe that. He gets real protective too. Anyway, problem solved and my sunny side is emerging once again.

Now on to the topic of squirrels. Al mentioned squirrels in his latest post and today I am seeing them everywhere! Dozens of them running through the trees. I saw two dead in the street. It broke my heart. Then I had a suicidal one try to run under my tires. Lucky for him I was in a school zone going no more than 25 mph and stopped easily. No roadkill for Daphnewood. But I can't help but notice how spazzy they are acting. Very very active. Do squirrels hibernate? Because the way they are acting around here makes me think of my kids right before they crash for the night. They get really really wound up and then BAMMM!!!! they are out for the count. I wonder if that is what these squirrels are doing.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Dark Side Of Daphnewood

While at Disneyland on our second day there (you really need more than 2 days to see everything) M-Boy was run over by an old fat woman on a motorized scooter. The pathway was crowded and she rammed the back of his leg and rolled over his foot. Then she didn't even check to see how he was and kept on scooting away. M-Boy was crying and screaming like a baby. He is still very child-like in some ways and he kept screaming "I hate her! I hate her!" My heart was breaking. I ran after the woman just because I felt I needed to say my piece. I caught up with her and her family. She had her even fatter son in a motorized scooter as well. The rest of her family (about 10 people in all) could walk. Now mind you, these were rented scooters. Mostly these people didn't want to walk. No problem but I am beginning to HATE the motorized scooters. I am an obese woman and think I will only get more obese if I revert to getting around by wheelchair only. And it is my opinion that if these people really needed the scooters they would have brought their own and not rented some. Disneyland should only rent normal wheelchairs and NOT motorized ones. A letter from me will be sent soon.

Anyway, I caught up with the woman and yelled my lungs out. I said "hey! You just ran over my son and didn't even stop!" Do you know what she replied? She said "I pushed the horn. He didn't get out of my way." What a freakin bitch. I screamed at her some more and said he can't hear. M-Boy is just as handicapped as she was and it certainly did not give her the right to run over whoever she pleases. At this point my family caught up to us with M-Boy bawling like a 3 year old. Her fatass son said "he walked in front of her. It's his fault." I told him to shut up because he knows it wasn't true. When the old woman saw M-Boy crying and sobbing she truly felt remorse. I can forgive anyone for accidents but I just can't forgive her for running away after. I know I am suppose to forgive but I still haven't been able to and it has been nearly a week.

I should have called the park police. She was on a motorized vehicle and left the scene of an accident. I could have got her ticketed or something. I was just too mad to think straight. I told her that she really needed to think about her barely audible horn and that perhaps the people in front of her cannot hear. I couldn't stand to look at her face or her family's faces anymore and left them to converse with my step-father. So yes, the dark side of Daphnewood has come out and hasn't quite left me yet. I still feel hate. And I haven't stopped hoping that someday they get hit by someone and that person just takes off like they did (her and her ENTIRE family). Then they will know how it feels. Gosh, my evilness is scary to even my ears. Papa (my step-father) says she was really sorry. I know that but he wasn't the one holding M-Boy while he threw up in the first aid office because he was so upset. Thank god there was nothing more than a bruise.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We made home in one piece. We had a great time in sunny California. Here are some pics of our trip. I'll share more in depth later but for now it feels GREAT to be home.

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Me and my daddy. He has lost a lot of weight (not in the good way) but I was so happy to spend time with him. The kids were glad to see him too.

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We took the kids to Medieval Times. My mom and I got tipsy since we weren't driving and then we forgot how to use the flash on the camera. We looked like fools, two drunk ladies trying to work a camera. The "knight" was super nice and patient with us until we got this blurry mess of a picture. I like it because that is how I was seeing things that night anyway.

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M-Boy is standing in front of the scariest ride ever. Mouse talked me into going on this thing. I am a huge fan of the Twilight Zone so I really wanted to see the inside. I ended up closing my eyes through most of it. I tried to go on it a second time but ended up closing my eyes that time too. Oh well. I think I saw the important parts anyway. It was called The Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror.

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Little Man and Mouse waited in line for 30 minutes to talk to the Capt. Jack Sparrow. Disney is milking that iconic figure for all it is worth. I have to admit, the guy they had playing him to walk around the park was awesome. He acted just like the movie capt. He even walked like him. Little Man asked "do you survive getting eaten by the Kracken in the third movie?" And his reply was "I'm here, aren't I mate?" Little Man got really excited. I'll tell you more about that in another post.

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I put this picture up because it sums up our trip quite nicely. Little Man ran everywhere and that is exactly how I felt, like I was running running running the entire trip. Now I need another vacation to rest from this one ;)