Friday, September 30, 2005

Flashback Friday: A Teenager's Room

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This is a snapshot of my room around 1988. I told you all I was a major U2 fan! When I was looking at this picture I saw a picture of my ex-boyfriend stuck up on the mirror. He is laying on his bed but he is fully clothed, unlike so many boyfriend/girlfriend pictures these days. The funny part was I felt that picture was absolutely scandalous at the time. I also see a trophy for softball. I don't remember getting a trophy for softball but I was awesome, not to toot my own horn or anything. he he he. I used to play catcher and second base. That was such a long throw from home plate. And I hated when people tried to steal second. I think I was on a team called KFC for softball and Taco Bell for baseball (notice all food names - no wonder I am obsessed with fast food). Yeah I played baseball before I grew boobs. Oh thinking of baseball is giving me a heartache. The Astros lost last night but it ain't over til the fat lady sings. And this fat lady is in no mood to be a song bird today so Spencer and Ryan: I love you but your Braves will have to wait until next year to get some glory.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm Feeling It

Okay so last night's Astros game was intense. In the end, they pulled out the victory (top of the 9th inning to be exact). I really think they have a spot in the play-offs. So if they actually make it there, you heard it first on Daphnewood's site fueled by wishful thinking: They will go all the way to the World Series. My confidence ends there but give me a couple of days and I will get them the World Champions title too. Have a great thursday everyone.

oh yeah, on a totally random topic: what has happened to that apple-faced sweetheart Hilary Duff? She has wasted away to nothing and it bothers me. I love that she looked like a normal girl before. Now she is like every other stick figure actress out there. I can't blame her though. There is so much pressure to be thin but someone needs to give her a hamburger and make sure she doesn't puke it up.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Whoohoo Wednesday

My kids have thursday, friday and monday off of school so today is my last day of freedom for a while. Yesterday when getting dressed, I zipped up my pants and I realized how loose they were. There was no sucking in, no pulling the button closed, no tight feeling at all. I still will not step on a scale until November but I am feeling rather happy. We have to switch fasting days this week but hopefully it will not set me back too much. That is another reason I decided to weigh in quarterly. I figure it will take a year or more to lose all this weight. Until then, I will keep doing what I am doing and enjoy this fine rainy day.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Movie Review: Corpse Bride

My daughter is a big Tim Burton fan. That just tickles me because I liked Tim Burton when I was around her age (remember the Beetlejuice doll?) She begged me to take her to see this new movie Corpse Bride. We just got back and I had a great time. It is such a Tim Burton plot; dead people with living people problems. The characters of the parents are done so well. I laughed out loud several times. However, while watching it, it made me wonder if kids would really like this. Small children wouldn't as we have taught them to be afraid of skeletons but Little-man (my youngest son) really enjoyed the movie. I still think it is a movie though for Tim Burton lovers. Other people will see the topic as odd. So if you like the colors blue and gray and don't mind gross clay figures (i.e. maggots in drag make-up and head waiters that are only heads carried by roaches) you'll like this movie. Especially if you are a Danny Elfman fan. The music was very fun.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


The Astros lost. Will I ever see this team go to the World Series? They don't even have to win. Just get there, by golly.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Flashback Friday

I kind of got this idea from Larry's blog. On Fridays he posts a picture but since I post pictures at whim I decided on fridays I will post old pictures. It will be a flashback of some sort. So today, in a very weak effort to try to forget about Hurricane Rita threatening my friends and family, I'll start with a very old one and a not so old one.

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This is me and my older brother. I remember that fireplace vaguely. I remember that cushion too. It was there so anyone could sit comfortably. It looks so 70's doesn't it? No one really needs a fireplace in Southern California.
Image hosted by
This one I am posting because it includes my uncle Jerry that passed away recently. This was my 19th birthday and how does my family celebrate my non-child status? They buy me a Beetlejuice doll. I also got a PeeWee Herman doll the same day. I noticed that my aunt had a 70's style couch even though this was taken in 1989. And I also noticed my hair was significantly redder than it is now. All the women in my family have hair that does that. During the late teens and early 20's it goes really light just to go very dark around the mid 20's. My mom and her sisters (the ones that never dyed their hair) have that too. I think my husband feels cheated since my hair didn't stay that color for very long. I always wondered why he called me a red-head when in my mind I was firmly brunette. So does anyone remember what they got for their 19th birthday?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Not Politics Already!

I am already hearing crap about the response to Republican Texas vs. Democratic Louisiana in the midst of hurricanes. Okay that is exactly what I said: CRAP. Texas has more money. They have more people, more working people paying taxes which leaves more money for city/state improvements. A few years back Houston got drenched by a tropical storm. FEMA made Houston and especially the medical center make hurricane savvy modifications before they would pay any money at all. So guess what? Houston did it! Louisiana just was not prepared. Texas will take a big hit but look at Florida. That state has been battered left and right and even up the middle in the past few years. You don't see them acting like "oh the whole world has left us to rot". Bull crap. Take politics out of natural disasters people. The only politics I want to hear about is why the damn Katy freeway project is going to take 33 months to complete and why has I45 had orange cones since 1982. Lets finish these damn freeways people! So next time there is a mass evacuation people actually have more than 3 friggin lanes to drive on. And for those who don't live in Houston, I10 is one freeway that floods with common rain storms. If Houston gets 1 inch of rain, forget driving on I10. God, please forgive my cussing and be with all of those in the path of Rita.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hang Tough, Houston

I am so glad to see Houstonians and their neighbors acting responsibly. Most are getting out of town. Katrina taught them something but there will always be those stubborn few. Those that think they have lived through hurricanes before and can handle it. Those with Hurricane Alicia and Hurricane Camille under their belt. Well, times have changed and a force 5 never hit Houston before. Criminy folks, tropical storm Allison closed Hermann Hospital (no life-flight) and most of Ben Taub (the other level one trauma hospital). Now UTMB is evacuating so what are you going to do? Rick Perry actually said something intelligent today "homes and businesses can be rebuilt, lives cannot". And I am glad the evacuations are mandatory. Anyone who is thinking about staying please understand that when you stay behind you put the lives of rescue workers at risk. All because you didn't want to be inconvenienced. May all of my family members, friends and workers who are required to stay behind (like police and fire fighters) be safe. I hope it doesn't hit Houston but I am glad to see the place clearing out for the most part. Better safe than sorry.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Horseback Riding in Portugal

Because I am missing Sangroncito, I started thinking about my travels from my youth. I think Portugal was my favorite but it was my first foreign cultural experience. I was 15 and got spend the entire summer there, mostly in a little fishing town called Cascais. Our apartment was right across the street from some cliffs. Just beautiful. One time while there my step-dad decided to take us horseback riding. Okay, great. I had been to camp and that should be good enough, right? We got to these stables and this man bantered back and forth to my step-dad in steady Portuguese pointing at me and my younger brother. Apparently we were to have guides. This strapping bronze man was my guide and he led me to my horse. First thing I noticed, these horses were much taller than they were at camp. Second thing I notice, there is no horn thingy on the saddle. WTF?! It was an english saddle. I tried and I tried to get on that horse. In the end, my bronze guide had to push me up by my rear to get me on. My younger brother got this hugely fat white horse that decided to roll over and scratch his back with my brother on him. Have you ever seen an 9 year old yell "oh shit!" with a pale-white face? My guide was a little irritated that my brother "let" the horse do that. Whatever. Okay so now it is time for the ride and in my mind I am thinking it would be like the movies because we get to run the horses on the beach and through the mountain trails. How awesome! Just one thing was wrong. Apparently I was too young or they didn't have enough trust in my horse abilities that my guide actually had a leash from my horse to his. I had to be leashed to his horse! How humiliating. My brothers never let me live that one down. Except for my younger brother because if he ever says anything I just mimic him in a panicked voice "oh shit!". So what is the lesson I learned from all of this? Next time you watch a movie and see a young girl on horseback with the wind flowing through her hair as the legs of the horse splash in the waves sending a mist around her budding body, look for the leash. It's bound to be there.

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Post For Solin

Did you see this?

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please, be smart and listen to your aunt and uncle. As the days pass and if looks like Rita may come to Houston, please get out of town. It floods so bad where you live (you know I know this since I lived there too). Do you remember what tropical storm Allison did? And that was just a tropical storm. Rita still has yet to pass over the warm gulf waters. You always have a place here. I love you kiddo.

At The Zoo

We had a fantastic day at the KC Zoo. The weather was perfect. Here are some pictures that we took.

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This is me and my daughter. My hair looks like that cartoon character on Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends.
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This is my oldest son. Can you believe he is only 12? He is taller than me and wears a size 10 shoes. WOW!
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This is my daughter and my youngest son. Look at that blue sky!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ha Ha Ha - Busted Husband

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If you look at this gate there is a ball and chain weighted to it to keep it closed. While going through this gate at the zoo today my youngest son asked "Mommy what is that?" My jokester husband jumps right in and says "oh son, you'll get one of those when you get married." He is soooo in the doghouse.

Zoo Day

We are going to the zoo today. We haven't had a family outing in a while where all of us were together. It should be great fun and lots of photo ops. I will be sure to post some next week. I think the best part about today is that it is a fasting day and I will be outside moving my stuff. Lots of metobolic happenings! whoohoo!

blessing of the day: crows feet under my eyes because it means I have lived long enough to develop them!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Blessings Abound

I just love fridays. Especially fridays like today.

  • It is 9:30am and around 62 degrees outside.
  • The sky is pure blue and my little chipmunk was on my porch this morning. I left some almonds on the steps for him.
  • I took my mom to the airport for her two week vacation.
  • It is also an eat day which means I had a delicious breakfast. How can you top Welch's grape jam?
  • I finished a huge project that I had been working on for work. I scanned in over 4,000 slides and put them into binders, labels and all.
  • tomorrow is saturday which means NO ALARM CLOCKS!!!
  • Did I mention I finished a project for my job?

Today is awesome. Thank the One who made you for the life He has given and then enjoy it!

today I am thankful for: full tanks of gasoline and morning snuggles

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Well yesterday was absolutely beautiful. It was kind of chilly and the sky was very blue like it can only be after a storm. I feel fall is coming. This is a new experience for me. Well sort of. We did live in Berlin for two years and there were seasons there. Actually, in Berlin they had a saying: It's really really cold in Berlin for two months out of the year. Then the other 10 months it is just cold. Okay, I digress. I am liking my new city and the feel of seasons. The trees are getting bare and I expect to see a whole slew of pumpkins at the Farmer's Market this saturday, what do you think?

And for another topic: self-esteem and dieting. I am on fast day 14 today. So that means about 28 days of dieting. However, I do not feel I am losing fast enough. It could be that my job requires me to sit on my fat ass all day long. Then after working 40 hours on my rear-end I spend another 40 taking children to and fro sitting on my butt in a car. What is up with that? So my self-esteem is at an all time low. Just in time for the company picnic where I see all of the desperate nurses looking for a budding neurosurgeon who has a fat ugly wife that they can steal away. I ought to give them lots of hope. See how I am? The problem with body issues is that the normal therapy of chocolate is a no-go. I am so screwed. Here is hoping diet Dr. Pepper does the trick.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


wow it's been like what? a day? 28 hours? And I am already having Sangroncito withdrawals. Anyone else feeling the sting? I am such a blog junkie.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Mayberry Post Office

I had to go to the post office today and it was an experience out of a television show. The workers were mostly middle-aged men who were friendlier than a Yosemite bear eyeing your bag of marshmallows. The one thought I was daughter of the year for having my mom live with me. He doesn't realize how much slave labor she puts into my home. Poor mom. Then they all were welcoming us to Kansas and just chatting away. A man came in and they knew him by name. I was thinking I had made a stop-over in the twilight zone but if so it was one of those happy episodes. Not one that makes you afraid to sleep with all the lights off. Kansas City is big but I guess our part of town is rather friendly. I am glad of that. I think I will change the name to Mayberry. Yes, I live in Mayberry Kansas. Now if I can just get those jerks at Bank of America to start acting the part.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tagged by Dave

Dave tagged me earlier this week and I am just now getting around to it because Neopets has been stealing my attention. Dang kids site! Anyway, this one was fun.

10 years ago I was:

....married for 4 years
.....being told my son was autistic by a very unsympathetic psychologist
.....calling bingo

5 years ago I was:

....still calling bingo but in a new state
....thinking about going back to school
....started collecting DVD's at a frantic rate

1 year ago I was:

....praying my husband would get the job in either New Orleans or Kansas City. Thank God he got the Kansas City one.
....starting my final 2 semesters of college
....listening to Christian music exclusively

yesterday I was:
....paying bills shopping

5 snacks I enjoy the most:
chocolate (bonus if combined with peanut butter)
popcorn (LOTS of butter)
shredded beef taquitos
buffalo wings

5 songs I know all the words to:
happy birthday
I Can See Clearly Now
40 (U2)
Biko (Peter Gabriel)
Good Riddance (Green Day)

5 ideal places for running away to:
any relative's house (my family rocks!)
a cabin in Big Sur

5 items you will never see me wear:
a bikini (believe me I am doing y'all a favor)
anything with the NY Yankee logo
any type of fur that has the head and feet still attached (yes I have gotten one of those type before)
a tube top
black lipstick

5 biggest joys in life:
my family
my faith
worshipping! I love my worship music
meeting new people
making photo stories and movies with my digital camera and windows movie maker

my 3 favorite toys:
my computer
my digital camera
my DVD player/remote control

so there you have it. I won't tag anyone but anyone who wants to do it please feel free because I would love to see your answers especially the beginning (10 years ago, 5 years ago, etc)

The New Nickel

I wanted to have a lighter tone to my post today and decided I would address the new nickel. Have you seen it? I am getting them all the time now and I never fail to admire the shiney newness of each one. Of course my favorite part about the nickel is the hung buffalo on the back. I mean, when did America make anything anatomically correct? Take a look for yourself if you have not seen it. Just what you always wanted to see, a buffalo shlong!

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Friday, September 09, 2005


I went from anger last night to extreme sadness this morning. God Bless womanhood. My seven year old is in the second grade and he told me this morning that he got a new girl in his class. He said she is from "the hurricane". Her name is Shoshanna and this little girl has seen some terrible things. The teacher had each child tell a little about their lives so Shoshanna would not feel singled out but able to express anything she might want to share. Apparently she was in the sharing mood and my heart broke as my son told me all this little girl has seen. She said kids drowned because they didn't know how to swim. Her two cousins and older brother died. She told the class "those were my only cousins I had too". Then she talked about how a light post fell on her grandmother and killed her. I was in shock hearing this. My son described the girl as "very small with brown skin and a shy face". My only guess is that she was small enough to hold as some 7 year olds can be tiny still. Please pray for this little girl and her family. At first I was outraged that with experiencing so much trauma that she would be sent to school so soon. But then on second thought, the girl needs some normalcy. I don't see how anyone can "recover" from such an ordeal but hopefully she can gain some happiness back and live a long full life.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Step To The Right

I know third entry in a single day but I am working and it is easy to get distracted. Anyhoo, you know I love all my blogger buddies and politically I have always stood in the middle. Somedays I am more left and other days I am more right depending on the issue. Lately I have been flooded (I know poor wording choice) with left side thinking and blog reading. Today I am going to take a step to the right so if you don't want to hear it you can stop reading now.

My beef is about the Kentucky student who spouted off his mouth about the use of violence and "threatened" the President. Basically this man, in obvious frustration and anger not only condoned but encouraged violence and looting in Katrina stricken areas. He said "shoot every cop, National Guard (member) and politician who stands in your way, including George W. Bush, if need be". Okay that is full on bullshit. I for one hated Bill Clinton. Not really because of his politics but I could not stand him as a basic human being since I saw him a morally bankrupt womanizer and sneak. Let me add liar to that list too. I know I just described every politician out there but I think Bill Clinton's smirk got to me most of all. You know how you Bush haters cannot stand when you hear fawning over George W. and it makes you hate him more? I think that was my relationship with Clinton. Anyway, I have digressed drastically. No matter how much I hated Clinton, he was the President of the United States of America, my home and I would never approve of anyone threatening him, even a fellow American. This student who basically tried to incite war on our military, civil servants and President needs to be held accountable for his actions. I see no problem with people taking food and water. I do not even call that looting. But I am sorry, I do not understand and can never understand how that gold chain or 25" color TV is going to help you survive. That is stealing! The minute Americans disregard the role of police officers and our National Guard is the time to pull down the flag and forget about America. Do you know some guards are thinking of not re-enlisting because they were shot at while trying to help the victims? So many have been to Iraq and seen friends and relatives killed but still rejoined. Then they come home to help Americans just to get shot at. Think about that! What a damn kick in the teeth. These rescue efforts have been less than perfect but so many Americans are giving it their all. They owed those people nothing. Those police officers and National Guard members deserve a little more respect than this jerk in Kentucky is giving them. And so does Bush. I refuse to believe that anyone trying help out the victims are not doing so in good faith. They are giving it their best shot and often it falls short but hey people, at least they are trying. A lack of law and order is certainly not going to help the situation by any means. So kentucky student, I say learn to solve your problems peacefully. Sorry y'all but I had to get that off my chest.

New Quotes

My family has been bombarding me with their never-ending wisdom. I finally put some new quotes up on the side bar for you to experience what I experience on a daily basis. Especially the "you suck" one. Seriously. On a daily basis.

Gerald Grant Woodward

I found out yesterday that my uncle died. He was living in a nursing home in California but had spent the last few months of his life in hospice care. My uncle Jerry married my mother's sister when I was a very small girl yet he fit right into the fold like he had always been there. I remember the first time I met him. He picked me up by my ankles and taunted me as I laughed and begged to be put down. He asked me "what's the matter? Don't you walk this way? Walk on your hands? Walking on feet is so boring!" In my late teens Uncle Jerry was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It changed him and in the end he suffered a great deal. He was such an interesting man. He was raised by his homosexual older brother, colorblind, owned stock and regularly checked it, loved cuckoo clocks and collected them from all over the globe, taught me to play poker and was insanely in love with my aunt. I will miss him a great deal but I am glad his suffering is over. I am sure he is out of his wheelchair now in heaven dancing with my Aunt Becky who died a few years ahead of him. The fact that they are together again is a very comforting thought to me.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Letting My Light Shine

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I had a conversation with my wise husband this morning. I told him I was a little disconcerted about a comment someone left on my blog about Katrina and God's anger and our lack of holiness. I told him it bothers me when people have this 'turn or burn' attitude. I seriously thought about deleting the comment but I am not going to now. I want all of my non-believer blogging friends to see the difference between that type of Christian and me. Jesus is my anchor. He helps me through all things in life, good and bad. Mostly, Jesus encourages me to love. It isn't about being good or doing good things. It isn't even about loving people so they can love you back. I just want to show everyone love in the same way that Jesus did. He loved the angry crowd that mocked him while He was on the cross. He said "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." I want to be like that. Don't point out other people's faults. What good does it do? It just angers and alienates them. My wise husband said he always liked the old hymn "They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love". That is me. I don't want to preach. I don't want to hate. I want to be the silent witness that lets her light shine so people can see God's kingdom is big enough for us all no matter where you are in life. Jesus accepted every outcast he came across. He accepted them just as they were (drunks, whores, thieves, etc.) and counted them as equals. That offer still stands. I am so thankful for that because I am one gambling potty-mouth that would be in big trouble!

image taken from Microsoft Clipart

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Feel Lazy

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This is my cat, Freckles that Solin mentioned. I wish I were a cat today. It looks like a great life.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Blogs

I have added two blogs to my blogroll. I should have added them ages ago and for that I am sorry. First one is Kimananda. She is one very interesting lady. She does the half-nekkid thursday entries which are way cool. Her last one was her feet. She is from Northern California but don't hold that against since we all can't be from Southern CA. The second blog is my adopted daughter's blog, Solin. She is really my daughter's best friend but I decided Solin should be my daughter too. I would steal her away if her uncle would let me but he won't. She has a blog about her daily observances and another one dedicated to her poetry. She is a great kid and mature beyond her years. Be sure to stop in and say hi to her.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


There is this little chipmunk that visits all porches around my neighborhood. It is so cute and small. I really want a chipmunk. It's like a souped-up hamster or something. I need to do some research on owning chipmunks. And by the way, Disney had them pegged. Chip and Dale look exactly like our local social chipmunk.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A New Meme

Okay Dave tagged me for this meme and I must say it will help get my mind off of depressing things so I am all for it.

I am not sure about the first part (how it goes) but I will take a stab even though you all know the same stuff as I do about Dave.

7 things you may not know about Dave
  1. He is a hottie
  2. He is a good kisser (unfortunately info not learned from personal experience)
  3. Likes fruit salad that his mom makes because there are no watermelon seeds in it (she takes them out--he's so spoiled)
  4. He is on a diet
  5. He has a tattoo and wants another
  6. He loves antiques
  7. He is has a clean house

7 things I have never done and may never do:

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Learned Calculus
  3. Owned a Mercedes
  4. Taken illegal drugs
  5. Learned how to parallel park
  6. Braved white water rapids
  7. Written a book

7 things I did NOT do this weekend:

  1. Cook Sunday breakfast
  2. Buy the bunky-board for my son's bunkbed
  3. Paint my toenails
  4. Find my glasses
  5. Blow my diet
  6. Fill up the van before gas prices sky-rocketed
  7. Chat with my friend in England

7 times I was almost killed or seriously injured

  1. I fell off of my skateboard at age 9 because I was being stupid and was wearing Daisy Dukes so my legs got all bloody
  2. A stupid whore ran a red light in Las Vegas and hit my car when I was turning left onto the freeway. The kids were in the car but everyone was okay.
  3. I almost had to have my first child in a german hospital rather than an army hospital because my blood was so thin and I would have bled to death
  4. An 18-wheeler jack-knifed right in front of me on the mountain pass on interstate 15 during december and it was snowing. Southern Californians do not know how to drive in rain or snow. Although I hear they are learning about driving in the rain!
  5. I got mugged in L.A. by a bunch of mexican gang members
  6. A cop pulled a gun to my face when I was sitting in the passenger seat of my brother's car because he saw a "gun" in the glove compartment. It was really a toy but I had to hold my hands in the air and get out and get a severe tongue lashing from this visibly shaken rookie. We were just pulled over for the registration being out of date!
  7. AND THE DUMBEST THING OF ALL TIME: I believed a man who told me he was a camp counselor of my camp at Hunnigton Beach and I followed him way far away from my group where he took me behind these houses and "asked" to see my breasts. He just wanted to "touch them a little bit". I was 12 and started crying and he got mad and I ran away. I still hate myself for that one.

7 people to tag:

this is hard since I want to know how all of you would answer so here goes: Spencer and Daisy have already been tagged as well as Sangroncito so I choose Skip (as if you didn't have enough to do, right Skip?) Rowan, SunGrooveTheory, Boozie, Jayleigh, Solin, and Kimananda (you had such an awesome list on the last one Kim!)


I am just sad. I am pretty sure it has to do with Katrina's aftermath but overall I am feeling blue. I will try to write another entry soon. Dave tagged me so I will try to get that filled out. It looks fun. Hope everyone is hunky-dor-y!