Monday, October 31, 2005

A Sad Topic

Have you heard about the girl who was taken from her parents when they refused to follow up chemotherapy with radiation for her cancer treatement? Anyway here is the link to the Houston Chronicle if you want to read such crap. I do not think the state has the right just to take a kid away and choose the method of treatment. I am very anti-immunization in some situations and appreciated that my doctor understood my fears. She allowed me to hold off until Little Man was past 19 months old because I really felt shots gave M-boy autism, or rather activated his susceptible genes. Who is the state to say which treatment is best or to demand the path you desire for your children? This family had every right to choose the health care for their child. But I have to comment on the Father's comment

"Radiation's effects on a child are a lot different than they'd be on me," said Edward Wernecke, 53, Katie's father. "It could shape her whole future ? make her sterile, stunt her growth, cause her to get breast cancer in her 20s. The effects would be with her the rest of her life."

This is such bullshit in my opinion. At least the girl would HAVE a rest of her life. The path they chose KILLED this little girl. What crappy parents. I am very sad and pissed off. I am sure they will blame M.D. Anderson and the doctors there for killing their girl but the truth still stands. If they would have given her the radiation in a timely manner this girl might still have lived. Now they aren't even getting to spend the girls last days together. That is a tragedy that needs to be rectified NOW.

Weird Post for a Weird Day

I have decided that I like my hair to be almost dry. Whenever I wash it and it dries (I don't use hair dryers) all the way except near the scalp, it feels so soft and smooth. I know that is a really lame and borderline mental observation. However, we women spend lots of money trying to attain that quality in our hair but it can only be reached 30 minutes after showering.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Birthday Dave!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Thank You!

I am so sorry. First I talk about the Astros everyday then total silence. Many of you have sent emails and comments and I can't believe I didn't say something sooner on my blog about them losing the World Series. I am sad my team lost but it really wasn't as big of deal as I thought. I like the White Sox. They played better and it wasn't like they beat the Astros by much. Each game was won by only 1 or 2 runs. It was exciting. Especially that last game with Brandon Backe (hottest player on the team) pitching 7 shut out innings. Anyway, my only sadness was for the players like Jeff Bagwell (who probably won't return) and Craig Biggio who have waited 15+ to get to the World Series as a Houston Astro. But thanks for all the well wishes. I still love my team and appreciate the cheers from you Braves fans (Ryan, Mike and Spencer) and even a Giants fan (Kimananda). I will return the good karma in the upcoming season. Maybe our National League will actually take the series next time around. So thanks again, blogger friends and thank you Houston Astros for the most exciting October ever.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Flashback Friday: Halloween and My Boys

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This was Little Man's first Halloween. I had to work so Mr. Daphnewood got to take the kids Trick-or-Treating. Little Man is a tiger, M-boy is Data from Star Trek: Next Generation and Mouse is a bat. She made that costume all by herself with stuff she found around the house. I thought it was so cute I let her go just as she wanted.

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This is the the first day of Little Man's life. It was very sweet because M-boy always asked to hold "his baby" everyday after school. He would come home, get on the couch and hold out his arms for me to hand him the baby. If Little Man would start fussing he would say "don't cry baby. Don't cry baby." He never called him by name for several months. Of course now he just tells Little Man "shut up!"

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This picture sums up why I am so doomed. This is Little Man at around 15 months old with M-boy by his side at age 6. Can you say 'no' to that face? Be it combination locks from the tooth fairy or giving him his own special cinnamon sugar shaker so he can make toast every morning, I am always a sucker. Actually, I am very good at saying 'no' when it really matters but I do give in a lot to little things like I just mentioned. I want to know, what was your favorite Halloween costume you wore or one you saw? Also tell me if you have ever been wrapped around someone's finger or had anyone else wrapped. I need to hear these stories so I don't feel like I am the only wimp in the world.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tooth Fairy Tales

Little Man lost a tooth last week or so. It was on a night that his dad was on call so he wanted to save until he could show Daddy his tooth. This is the 6th tooth Little Man has lost but he still wanted to show his dad that he pulled it out all by himself. Of course the poor kid lost the tooth quicker than you can say Sam Houston and has been looking for it ever since. Being one of those moms that doesn't like her kids to miss out, I decided to offer Little Man the money that the "Tooth Fairy" would normally leave him. When he found the tooth he had to give it to me so I could put it under my pillow to get my money back. Here is how our conversation went

Me: Little Man, I was thinking that I would give you the money for your tooth and when you find it, give it to me. That way I can put it under my pillow to get my money back. This way you can still have some money to go shopping with.

Little Man: that sounds good. I know I will find it.

Me: So how much money does the Tooth Fairy leave you? ( I always leave $5)

Little Man : (thinking to himself) uh, she leaves me 10 bucks.

Me: (laughing because I know he is fibbing) 10 bucks! She leaves you 10 bucks?! Are you sure that is right?

Little Man: (giving me a face that every mom learns as 'trying to pull one over on you' face) yeah, Mommy, she leaves me 10 bucks.

my entire family is laughing now because we know he is trying to pull a fast one and he is aware now he is caught.

Me: I think she leaves you five dollars. That is what you got last week, remember?

Little Man: okay okay, she gives me 5 but I wish she would give me 10. It is a good tooth too. No cavities or anything. Maybe I can write her a note to leave 10 dollars this time. I want to buy a combination lock and you said they cost about 10 dollars.

Me: Well maybe we can work something out.

I am such a sucker.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Foamy the Squirrel

okay here is the link for all of you who want to see who Foamy the Squirrel is. Just be prepared to hear every cuss word there is but a lot of his cartoons are really funny. I also think everyone has felt the same as Foamy on at least one of his rants. For starters, click on the toons link at the top and I recommend the toon called "Squirrel Songs". You will learn all about squirrely wrath on that one.

oh here is one more link with more cartoons

And Dave, NO WAY would I let Little Man goes as that. I am trying to teach him to NOT cuss.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Halloween Costumes

Little Man had a choir concert last night at his school. It was Halloween themed, of course, and the little kids looked so cute. There is one thing I want to address. What is up with parents dressing their kids in totally stupid costumes that no other kid would understand? You expect to see princesses, spiderman clones, the latest Disney craze, etc. But you always get one or two weird costumes that fit an adult's humor and not a 6 year old kid's humor. The winner costume in this category for me last night was a boy dressed up like a WWF wrestler with Elton John as his designer. This kid had yellow pajamas with purple sequins and a huge purple "O" on his chest. The costume also had a purple cape and purple sequin head band. Can you guess what he was? He was Captain Obvious. Kids kept asking him "who are you supposed to be?" He would tell them as the kids looked at him like he was a freak and the boy's parents just snickered. Talk about lowering your child's stock. I felt so bad for that kid. So there are 50 million Darth Vaders and Batmans. Let your kid be what he wants to be as long as it is appropriate. I had to add that because I had to shut down Little Man's choice to go as Foamy the Squirrel. Can you imagine this ball of gray fur with his middle finger extended? "Trick or Treat you bastard. Give me some candy or I'll stab your eyes out!" yeah, not a good idea at all.


I cannot believe how much I am getting into this World Series stuff. Kimananda told me that it is so much worse when your team gets into the series and loses. The Astros had never been the National League champs (thus meaning going to the World Series) so to me, this is just one more step. I remember saying "I just want them to get there. They don't have to win, just make it there." Okay, I lied. Well not intentionally because I truly felt that at the time but now I want them to WIN. I dislike Chicago more and more each day and mostly because they keep saying how well that team is playing and how crappy the Astros are playing. And now for the fact that Craig Biggio's wife got slapped by a Chicago fan. I thought at first it didn't matter because both teams are totally disrespected. Well the sports world likes the White Sox better but come next season the Chicago Cubs will be the favored team. They get no respect at home. That is even sadder than the Astros situation. Houston loves the Astros. There is no other team to split fealty (I love that word and not really appropriate for baseball but had to use it). So tonight I have hope in Roy Oswalt. He is the MVP that shut down the St. Loius Cardinals, the biggest winning team in both leagues. Go Roy and go Astros! I still bee-lieve!

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Back Off, Wilma!

I am sending out a prayer to all of my Florida friends. Hang tough and keep safe. This means you, Spencer.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I have divided my weekend up in 3 parts

The Good

  • The Astros are in the World Series
  • Little Man is not sick anymore
  • My kids had decent report cards

The Bad

  • The Astros LOST the first two games of the W.S.
  • I did not finish scanning my box of files for work
  • It rained all weekend and was cold

The Ugly

  • I am still fool enough to believe the Astros can win it all
  • I was let loose at an all-you-can buffet last night
  • I stepped on the scale

So, how did your weekend go?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Meme and Tagged

Both Dave and Ryan tagged me and as promised here are my answers. Afterall, could you refuse those two cuties? First is Ryan's tag which required me to go to my archives and find my 23rd post then post the 5th sentence of that post.

From April 20th, 2005:

I know when I was younger I thought about more than that too but something happens when you hit your 30's.

Now Dave's Meme with the theme of 7

7 Things I Plan to Do Before I Die

  1. See my husband finish residency
  2. Attend my kids' weddings and meet my grandchildren
  3. Witness the Astros win a World Series (hopefully this week)
  4. Go to Hawaii
  5. Meet my blogger buddies
  6. Get my butt into size 10 jeans (I know that is still large but for this girl that size would be a freakin miracle)
  7. Learn how to add video to my blog

7 things I can do

  1. Make fried green tomatoes
  2. Keep a secret
  3. Multi-task
  4. Vaccuum really well including corners
  5. Hit a baseball or softball thrown at reasonable speeds
  6. Play Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game (ah the joys of motherhood)
  7. Tell Mr. Rochester's full name from Jane Eyre (Edward Fairfax Rochester for thsoe who care)

7 things I cannot do

  1. Add video to my blog
  2. Higher math such as calculus
  3. Tell you what causes autism
  4. Run a mile
  5. Change a tire
  6. Drink alcohol without my skin getting all splotchy
  7. Watch anything with Ben Affleck in it

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

  1. humor
  2. intelligence
  3. voice
  4. morals
  5. eyes
  6. smile
  7. large hands

7 things that attract me to the same sex

  1. humor
  2. competence
  3. emotions
  4. smile
  5. friendliness
  6. values
  7. clothes

7 things I say most often

  1. "whatever"
  2. "anywhoo" or "anyway"
  3. "you suck"
  4. "that is unacceptable"
  5. "do you understand me?!"
  6. "I love you" (I have a big family)
  7. "knock it off"

7 celebrity crushes I am not ashamed of

  1. Keanu Reeves
  2. David Caruso
  3. the entire Houston Astros team
  4. Josh Lucas
  5. Brendan Fraser
  6. Chad Michael Murray (he is so young)
  7. Hugh Jackman

I am not going to do the tag part but anyone who wants to do this meme PLEASE do it. I will be reading your blogs and I would be very interested in seeing what y'all write.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Flashback Friday: Pictures As Ammo

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Today's flashback picture is a baby picture of my daughter. My friend from the pictures last friday gave me this tie-dyed onesie for Mouse when she was born. Paca had gone up to Berkley, CA (aka Berzerkley) and found this baby clothing gem and had to buy it. Of course, once putting it on my daughter she instantly got this 'rebel' attitude. Please, note the the infant giving the middle finger to her great aunt. I am just joking. My daughter is actually one of the best behaved kids I have ever met. I just like to embarrass her and say "look at what a trouble maker you were!" So, I want to hear your embarrassing stories that your mom holds over your head or if you are a parent, tell me what kind of stories do you torment your children with. Yes, I just ended that sentence with a preposition. Deal with it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I am happier than a pig in mud. The Houston Astros won but you should not be surprised by that since I told you yesterday they would win. Never doubt my feelings. I get them so rarely and when I was in Target I just had this feeling come over me like not only would the Astros win on wednesday night but they would dominate the game. And look what happened? The first World Series ever for Texas. What moment made me the the happiest you ask? Watching Biggio and Bagwell hug each other after the game. Team mates for 15 years (all in Houston) and they are going to the World Series together. Chicago here we come!

Image hosted by

image taken from Houston Chronicle
photographer Melissa Phillip

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Insomnia, Work and TV Season

Last night I had a little bit of insomnia. No, it had nothing at all to do with the Astros being one friggin strike away from their first World Series and seeing it ruined by a homerun hitting Cardinal. No I did not have dreams of poor Brad Lidge with tears in his eyes. No not at all. Seriously, I was wound up after that FANTASTIC game but for some reason I wasn't so upset by it. I just have this wonderful feeling about tomorrow. I kind of had this feeling they were going to lose yesterday. I try to ignore those and talk my self out of it but you will all see. Tomorrow night, the astros will be champions. Don't ask me how I know this, I just get feelings. My husband is mad that I am not getting those feelings about the lottery which is like 380 million or some ridiculous amount. I was an insomniac for several reasons. The heart stopping baseball game and I am itching all over my body. I thought "I have allergies" but (okay this is going to sound gross) I think my skin is itching because I am losing weight. It is tightening up and making my life miserable. Itch and scratch all night long. I took a shower and moisturized my body. Only after that was I able to sleep.

Now for work. I have not been able to blog today because of work. I want to get this entire box of files done by friday. This is easier said than done because of two reasons: The Astros game tomorrow night and television season. Yes, CSI:NY the complete first season on DVD is in my possession as I type this. The entire family is looking forward to our television season where we actually watch television together as a family unit. Even Mr. Daphnewood is coming home early from the hospital to watch TV tonight. Now that is rare. I ask that any of you living around the Kansas City area, please refrain from shooting each other in the head or spine and do not cause blunt force trauma to anyone else's head or your own for the next 2 months. Please spread the word. After November you may resume normal activity. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Being In Love

It is amazing to me that a woman of my age can still feel like a giggling school girl with a crush. Especially over a man that I have been married to for nearly 15 years. He is immature at times. He is immature most of the time but can get me to smile when I least expect it. Going grocery shopping with him is always an adventure. I never know when I will get smacked in the bottom with a pepperoni for every security camera in the store to see. He puts things like garlic stuffed olives in the cart or sardines with mustard sauce and crumbled bleu cheese to 'snack on'. Who eats that crud?! Then he likes to chase me saying things like "you never kiss me anymore!" Why do I laugh? I just encourage him with my complaining and laughter. I try not to laugh but I can't help it. I wonder if I will ever stop feeling this way around him. Here is just a glimpse of the man I married so you can see what I deal with everyday. While waiting to go to dinner he told M-boy this story about patience. M-boy did not like waiting for the baseball game to be over and was acting very impatient so Mr. Daphnewood opens up a bible on the bookshelf and the following conversation ensued:

Mr. Daphnewood: you need to be patient
M-Boy: but why? I am hungry
Mr. Daphnewood: because patience is a virtue. It says right here in the bible (opens the book)
"once upon a time there was a donkey and he was NOT patient. So everyone called him an ass. He did not live happily ever after. The end"

I know I should be shocked that he teaches our children such things but I just laughed. Sometimes being in love really clouds good judgement but it feels GREAT!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

One Away!

The Houston Astros won tonight. I am flying high. One more game and they go to the World Series! You know where I will be tomorrow night (monday) at 8:35 EST. Watching my team win!

Come On, Astros!

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I just thought I would update you all about my October fetish. The Astros are 2-1 in the playoff series. They just need to win 2 more times to make it to the World Series for the first time EVER! I loathe all the sports writers. No one feels this team is good enough to get there. Well, I will need help gathering enough crows to send to the writers. Hopefully those nasty writers will choke on the crows too. Wow, who knew I was so competitive?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Flashback Friday: BFF

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Some friends are meant to last a lifetime. My best friend from high school is still a part of my life. We don't talk much anymore but she is the type of person that you get together with and it is like no time has passed at all. We connect just as we always have. I will just call her "Paca" because I do not want to invade her privacy. But her real name is an unusual name just as is her personality. She kept me laughing through some sad times and opened a strange world to me of punk rockers and fashion. She was voted best dressed in high school and deservedly so! I was her short, fat friend with wrinkled shirts but we did everything together. Well us and our 4 other friends. We were a group of six known as The B. G.'s which stood for "big girls". We laughed a lot. Did I say that already?

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My friend is a respected art history professor. When we were teenagers she indulged me by painting this replica of a movie poster. It was called The Courier and the actor is Gabriel Byrne. I loved all things Irish. She even went with me to Dublin. Of course I had to go to London with her. Ireland was better. Neener neener neener.

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I never wore makeup. One time I was making fun of the music she listened to where the "singers" wore such heavy makeup. Examples being The Cure, The Damned and other weird groups I cannot remember. Oh yeah, the Toy Dolls. "Ah Olga! I cannit" Anyway she made me dress slutty with black eyeliner. Wasn't her room cool?!

Image hosted by

Some people will always be your BFF (best friend forever) through distance and time. Acid wash jeans and Doc Martens will always bring her to mind. That and INXS. You know why, Paca!

Worried About My Son

Having a child with autism can be trying sometimes. For the most part, I feel rather lucky to have my M-Boy (oldest son) and all of his oddities. It always boggles my mind when people see him and think I must be some kind of saint for having a child like him. He really isn't all that different than a "normal" child. I have just as many crises with my other kids as I do with him. Saying that, this is his time for problems. I have been so worried about him. He has developed a tic. He blinks uncontrollably when anxious and lately he is ALWAYS anxious. I am so anti-medication but we are seriously thinking of medicating him. That makes me feel like I failed him. Yet the other part of me thinks I am being cruel to keep medicine from him when it would help him so much. I love our new city but I feel it is years behind Houston, Texas. There are some very wise people in Texas and the people of Houston value broad thinking. Kids almost never teased my son there. They opened their arms to his unique personality, marvelled at his strengths and encouraged him through his weaknesses. All of this from young children. Kansas City is different. They barely understand the word autism. How can that be? These children have such a narrow view of the world and it makes me think of a chicken yard, where the healthy chickens kill off the weak. I am so discouraged. At least the teachers involved in special education seem to be top notch. He has a case manager at his school. She is a bulldog fighting for his rights, like an ACLU lawyer or something. She gets him what he needs in the class. Too bad that cannot extend to the children. If you are a parent please teach your children about "different" children. Teach them to not be afraid and to not hate things and people they don't understand. I wish the parents around here had thought of that.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pondering Towels

I have seven people living in my house right now with me. My husband and three children, my mother and my brother too all living under one roof. Has anyone ever thought about how many towels that generates daily? I feel like I am at a Holiday Inn or something. Seven people, seven towels everyday. And what happens if you have a spill? There goes another one. My family likes to use towels as big as beach towels too. We go through Downy quicker than milk. My mom does most of the laundry but towels are something we have to wash everyday to keep up with the demand. How many towels do you use in a day and who cleans them?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Role of Television in the Daphnewoods

I mentioned yesterday that I did not have TV. What I meant by that is that I do not have cable nor network television capabilities for viewing. We have three television sets with DVD/VCR players attached so we can enjoy a movie sometimes. The best part is usually we all watch it together as a family since the TV sets are on so infrequently. It has been this way since Mr.Daphnewood and I got married. It started with our move to Berlin, Germany (nothing to watch except AFN over there). By the time we got home to the states we realized we didn't miss it and never got cable. My children watch about an average of 3-5 hours of television per week. However, October-December is usually a little different. My mom moved a few years back and she very much missed watching television at night time. After 2 years of living with us she was really looking for something. I suggested she buy some DVD's of TV shows. She asked a friend who told her to buy "24". She did buy it and loved it. But she was upset that she would have to wait a year before the second season would be released. I told her that I had read somewhere that CSI:Crime Scene Investigation was a good show. So she bought Season One. I said I would watch it with her since it wasn't a soap opera type of thing; each episode could be viewed independently. That way I would not have to watch it. I was hooked after Disc 1. We bought season two and three and moved on to CSI:Miami. We bought Season One of that then Season Two along with Season Four of CSI. I could decide which I liked better but overall I think Miami is the best for my tastes. Horatio Caine likes kids. Grissom is kind of lost around them and Sarah just irks the hell out of me. I do not like her character AT ALL. Anyway, October 18th is the release of CSI:NY. I have pre-ordered it. We are a science household, what can I say? Here are the shows I have purchased for viewing enjoyment:

CSI:Crime Scene Investigation Seasons 1-4 (Season 5 is available November)
CSI:Miami Seasons 1-2 (Season 3 available November)
The Simpsons Seasons 1-5 (I haven't watched all of these though- only a few episodes)
Tru Calling (substandard to the CSI series but still a good watch but I hear FOX network is like that)
Unsolved Mysteries Ghost Stories
Twilight Zone (for collector's sake)

and my mom has watched every season of "24" that has been released. Desperate Housewives does not interest me based on its name alone. Sounds really horrible. Lost was sounding good but very soap opera-ish (meaning you have to watch them in order NO THANKS) We haven't bought either of these shows.

So that is my life in concerns to television. I watch some from October through December. Once we watch all of the episodes the TV sits idle for a while. Many people think I am weird. You don't, do you?

Monday, October 10, 2005


This picture is from an anatomy book. Little Man (2nd son) saw it and said "This guy was really brave. He took off all his skin with a knife. I would NOT skin my wee wee!"

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Exhausted But Happy

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yes, after a record 18 innings, the Houston Astros pulled out a victory. I am over the moon about this but know my net sons must be disappointed. Sorry Ryan and Mike but it was a GREAT game. terrible umps but top notch playing. I was watching the game at the casino since I don't have TV. I met a little old man and he asked which team I was rooting for. I told him Houston because I just moved from there. He said his son was making him buy a complete Thanksgiving dinner if Atlanta won. He said " I don't mind paying for the dinner, I just don't want him to beat me." I just laughed and he added "seriously though, I am from Louisiana; and Houston...well Houston saved me recently. So I want Houston to win." He was such a neat old man. I think he was one of the fortunate ones with enough money to rebuild but still needed shelter when the storms came. I told him that Houston really is no different than any other gulf coast city. I said all cities stick together in times of disaster (like Florida and Georgia taking refugees from Mississippi and Alabama). He said in his accented voice "yes they do, don't they? yes they do." But I am glad my (old) city didn't turn its back on people in times of need. To me, that just made today even sweeter.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Flashback Friday: Age 7

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This is a picture of me chewing on ice. This is a habit I have never outgrown. In fact, I am chewing on ice as I write this and it is 47 degrees outside. You can take the girl out of CA but you can't take CA out of the girl. I found this picture the other day and was amazed at how much my son looks like me. Tonight my oldest son had to dress up for his orchestra concert and I kept thinking how much he looked like his dad. My daughter has my husband's wide spaced big blue eyes. Both of them look like Mr. Daphnewood. It took three tries but I finally got one kid that looks like me. Triumph at last!

So who do you all look like? Your mom or dad?


I had to quit watching the game. The Astros are getting clobbered. I am happy for my net sons who are rooting for the Braves and I am extremely happy for Ryan in particular who got to see the last home game of the season in person. Yes, I am thinking positively that this will be the one and only loss to the Braves of this series so no more home games for Atlanta. Like I said, you heard it first on Daphnewood's site: Astros are going all the way to the World Series. I gotta go wash my hair or something useful like that. Ughh!

I Can't Shake the Blues

Last night I was riding high. The Astros won the opening play off game, I got news about the insurance check and my mom made brownies. Then all of a sudden I started thinking about someone that has passed on a few year ago. I cannot really go into details as his death was plastered all over the news but just know he died a horrible death and then the media tried to tear him to shreds afterward. This is why I never trust media 100%. It was like they had half of the story and omitted all the details. They spun the story the way they wanted to. It was awful and a slap in the face to those that knew and loved this man. Then instead of retracting their story afterward they just "dropped" it altogether. Bastards. I don't mean to be secretive but I am just not ready to talk about it fully and I do not want his legacy tainted by my rant. Someday I will go into detail. But for now, I am just down and miss him. Miss what he could have done for the world. Miss what he stood for and how he could have influenced so many people's lives. So say a prayer for me. I feel like I am obsessing and need to get over it. Thanks y'all.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Got Good News (Finally)

I moved to Kansas way back in July. It was 4th of July weekend and I shared some of the mishaps of my move on this blog. Well today I finally got the call from my insurance agent. The boxes that were "lost" were worth a lot of money. He said he valued the items and the broken chairs at $1400 or so. I cannot remember the exact amount. Anyway, the check is in the mail! Of course it will not fully cover the cost of the items that were ruined or missing but I have gotten so used to living without them that this is like a mini windfall. Wednesdays are good for me lately.

blessing of the day: C.S. Lewis and all of his Chronicles of Narnia. I still go there in my mind sometimes.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sharing Some Pictures

Image hosted by

This is my Astros banner that Ryan and Mike sent to me. It gets me in the spirit to see some world champions!

Image hosted by

This is my chipmunk that lives under my porch. It is so spoiled and searches for peanuts everytime we open and close the door. He's cute, isn't he?!

Bad Dreams

I woke this morning shaking off the remnants of a bad dream. In this dream, I found out that my shy, innocent 14 year old daughter had been dating a 33 year old man for several months. Well there was a discrepancy to his age. She said he was 33 and my husband said he was 26. That's right, my husband knew about this dating scheme. I went ballistic on them and confronted this pedophile. First of he had gray hair which made think he was even OLDER than 33 and he wasn't wearing a shirt. I told him to never go near her again and he said "hey she was all over me! I can't help that if they want me." I told him he could just tell that story to the police and see what they think. He had a beer in his hand, long beard like the old Charles Manson pictures and he tried to swing at me but my huge baby brother was there to stop him. I remember being so mad at my husband. He reasoning for not stopping the relationship: she looked so happy. Okay, the psychologist in me is working overtime and there are sooooo many topics to cover in this dream but honestly, I think today I will not analyze and just shake it off. Afterall, it was just a dream.

And thank you to my net sons Ryan and Mike for my Astros picture. I will post a larger one later for everyone to see the animation part of it. Wasn't it sweet of them to think of me when they are Braves fans?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Therapy, Astros and Husbands

I have always been a big advocate for therapy/counseling. I think it is important to be healthy in mind for a healthy body. I encourage anyone who is toying with the idea and I have always taken that stance. But for myself, I have never felt the need for therapy. I do not consider myself better off mentally than the rest of the world. I just have had an extensive network of family and friends to vent whenever I feel I little off balance. But what happens when it is your family that is making you feel bad? What happens when your sounding board is the reason for your angst? I guess you blog. I am lucky I still have my hubby to cry to and such but sometimes you just want some advice. Someone who maybe has been through what you are currently going through. I still don't think I need therapy. Just some courage to speak my mind for a change.

On a much happier note, the Astros won today. As usual they made me sweat it out to the last minute. If they would have lost today then they would have had to play a single tiebreaker game just to see if the get into the playoffs! But they won and their spot is assured. Bring it on, Atlanta Braves. You're just a speed bump in the road.

Also, I have to tell the world of my wonderful husband. Sometimes I get all feminist on him thinking that husbands NEVER know their wives as well as wives know husbands. I think that he isn't in touch with my true feelings. Well, when I am wrong, I will admit it. And I was full on wrong. I was very upset and I like to keep things inside but he knew EXACTLY what I was feeling and comforted me. EXACTLY like I needed to be. EXACTLY addressing the fears I was going through. He is so awesome. So my blessing for the day: husbands who truly care and know what is wrong without you uttering a single word