Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Five Truths and Five Lies part 2

* Read previous post to see statements of truth and lies *

I read over my list and I admit some were not fair but here you go:

1. TRUE- my Daddy likes kids

2. LIE- I personally did not but my friends did. I believe his exact words were "oh I want me some more of that"

3. LIE- unfortunately, this was lie. I really wanted to ditch but my chemistry teacher knew what a U2 freak my friend and I were so she had a watchful eye on me. By the time school let out the "free concert" was over. Dang private schools where everyone knows your business.

4. TRUE- I must be the only person to go on tropical cruises and refuse to snorkel. Spielberg has shaped many of our lives in this fashion. So you all remember that. He may have brought us cute little E.T. but it was only to make up for scaring the crap out of the ENTIRE WORLD first!

5. TRUE- Although my Daddy is now a citizen he hails from Sicily. He is more American than Uncle Sam and does not care who is president as they are ALL better than Mussolini (who he says only screwed up when the fascist leader started hanging around with Hitler~huh?!)

6. LIE- I went to Disneyland one time as a teen and everyone was talking about the day before when Stevie Ray Vaughn (think scary guitarist in Springsteen video Glory Days) had not been allowed to enter because of his appearance. That was the first time I realized Disneyland had a dress code and it has always fascinated me.

7. TRUE- yes, very haughty of me considering I just graduated in May at age 35 and I was 19 when when I gave him this "talk". He and my roommate in college had been childhood friends. Oh Theo, we were both wrong. I was wrong about you needing 'something to fall back on' and you were wrong about Hollywood not having acting roles for black men.

8. LIE- This is a straight out lie. I have always been a cheap date and am slightly allergic to alcohol. I get blotchy from one drink. My skin looks like W.C. Fields nose but all over.

9. TRUE- B9, G57, etc. The tips were awesome and it allowed me to work part time for full time wages. Also, my kids never had to go to a sitter that way since my husband went to school in the day time. I just quit a little over a year ago.

10. LIE- this was the most unfair question. I did make a bead bracelet but it was for Peter from Hothouse Flowers. And he did wear it on the Arsenio Hall Show. So I'll give it to you either way you guessed.

So now you all know a bit more about me and my strange, crazy and boring life. Oh well, life is good no matter how you look at it, right?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Five Truths and Five Lies

I got an email from a friend that had five truths mixed with five lies about her and it was up to me to figure out which statements were true. I have decided to steal her idea. I have nothing interesting to write about and after all, the NY Post writes lies when they run out of material so it should be good enough for my blog.

1. I have 4 half brothers, two half sisters, 5 step-brothers and 4 step-sisters.
2. I once french kissed Billy Idol at a golf tournament.
3. I ditched school to be in the video Where the Streets Have No Name by U2
4. I am afraid of swimming in deep ocean water since watching Jaws at age 7.
5. I am a first generation American on my father's side who immigrated from Sicily.
6. I got kicked out of Disneyland for being innappropriately dressed.
7. I once lectured Malcolm Jamal Warner on the benefits of finishing college vs. acting.
8. I can drink any man under the table.
9. I used to be a bingo caller.
10. The Edge (from U2) wore a bead bracelet I made for him on the Arsenio Hall Show.

Okay so there you go. Tomorrow I will reveal which are true and which are false. Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Therapy

I thank God for creating the person who came up with the idea to blend the tastes of peanut butter and chocolate. I have kept my sanity this final week in Texas because of the several PB & Chocolate therapy sessions. Reese's, Baskin & Robbins and Little Debbie are getting rich off of me. Oh well, better them than some guy in a sweater vest asking me to tell him about my father.

Friday, June 24, 2005

A Treasure Trove of Teenage Dorkiness

I cleaned my closet yesterday and the last box I pulled out was full of albums, cassette tapes and a few CDs. Yes, I said albums like the kind purchased at Licorice Pizza or Rhino Records. For those of you that do not know, I am 35 years old which means I was a true child of the 80's. I knew Van Halen when David Lee Roth was the lead singer and Sammy Hagar sang some weird song on MTV about driving 55 (the old freeway speed limit). So what did Daphnewood find in her box of music? Here are some names: Rick Springfield (3 by him- also the first album I ever bought) Men At Work, and INXS which I believe these first three names are all Australian artists. Most of the titles were British though: Thompson Twins (who I saw at the Hollywood Bowl with A Flock of Seagulls), Spandau Ballet (please don't go there), Big Country, Asia, Depeche Mode, Adam Ant (still looking sexy on the cover) Loverboy (wait I think they are Canadian), and The Police Synchronicity which I paid $8.29 according to the sticker on it. That was more than my Night Ranger album which had the whopping price of $6.79. I also had Duran Duran which now makes me think of 2 guys under a tree (thank you very much SPENCER!!!) but mostly my box was full of U2 stuff. I was a huge U2 groupie. I quit buying their stuff around 1992 or so. However, I found War, Boy, Wide Awake in America, October the soundtrack to Heroine (the Edge w/ Sinead O'Connor singing) and the original BandAid single. Sorry, no Madonna or Michael Jackson (even Thriller). I just wasn't into them. But I did have 2 very embarassing titles that I cannot believe were in there: Hall & Oates and Kenny Rogers. Now I know why the box was buried all the way in the back.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No Fear

I wish I could be like my son. He is still young enough to have no fear. Today he got up in front of his entire day camp and sang his favorite Chris Tomlin song with no music, off key and out of tune but he sang his little heart out. When do we change to be too intimidated to do things like that? I wish I could be fearless. Sing like no one is listening. I never realized how much the concept of fear influences my choices in life. I think I am getting tired of being afraid. It's time to start living more and thriving instead of merely surviving. How empowering.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Back In Town

I am back in Houston. The drive home was terrible yesterday. I usually love my drives but I was just tired and preoccupied with thoughts of moving. I kept feeling like I had all these "things" to do and I just wasn't getting back to Houston fast enough. Anyway, the trip went fine. Our place is really nice. My husband managed well at picking it out this time. At one point this weekend my husband and I were outside and it was getting dark. All of a sudden I realize there are tons of fire flies around us. We got all excited and started catching some to bring to our son back at the hotel who was missing them. We must have looked pretty strange to the locals there. A couple of city folks running around catching lightning bugs and shoving them in an empty bottle of Snapple then ooooh-ing and aaaaah-ing at the green glow.

I have a new part on my side bar for quotes. I will try to change it daily but it will probably end up being bi-weekly instead. I suck at updating.

Friday, June 17, 2005

On the Road Again

Hi Folks! I am outta here for the weekend. Won't be home until monday night. I am going up to KS to see the hubby and do....stuff. Yeah, stuff. Anyway, so everyone have a spectacular weekend. I have been tagged by the lovely SunGrooveTheory so here goes, Sunny.

1. The total number of DVD's, videos, and films I own.
More than 500 DVDs. I have a problem with addiction.

2. The last film I bought.
The Best of Dudley Do-Right Vol. 1 (animated). This is an awesome video of 15 original episodes from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. I am such a dork.

3. The last film I watched.
The Pefect Man. Hey Hilary Duff had a BLOG in that movie. Very cool.

4. My favorite movie five movies of all time, ever.
Crap. This is hard. OK not in any particular order, Empire of the Sun, The Green Mile, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Clueless and Braveheart. *disclaimer* selection subject to change at anytime.

5. Tag Three people and have them blog this.
Ha! Fun Fun Fun! I tag Jayleigh, Indigo, and Lisa (if she ever gets her hiney back to blogging)

See y'all on tuesday!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mental Stimulation and Denzel Washington

I am missing school. I miss the mental stimulation. I enjoying learning and the diverse student population. We had old people, young people, country people, city people, etc. at my alma mater. Well grad school is only a year away, right? I had to take a year off for several reasons the most important being my son needing surgery. Anyhoo, in the meantime I can read your blogs because it always seems like I am learning something new from you odd folks. Just kidding y'all.

On a totally different topic, I watched the movie Fallen last night. I just love Denzel Washington. This movie wasn't as good as Man On Fire but still totally Denzel which made me happy. He really is such a good actor and so easy on the eyes if you know what I mean. And I love when he kicks butt too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Art: Hard Work and Dangerous

Knottyboy put up a new video of him and Tony doing Raku. This is dangerous stuff! My small little mind was challenged about artists in general. When I think of "artist" these words come to mind: tempermental, skinny (they are all starving), weird, passionate, party-goers and drinkers of exotic wine. I never thought "master of the flame". No gay jokes here even though K said something about 'flamers'. That reminds me of Homer Simpson who said: "I like my beer cold, my TV loud and my homosexuals flaming" but I digress. So being me I did research and talked to some of my artist friends to ask them what their whimpy art includes thinking K and T have the market on danger and hard work. Sorry boys, but apparently most art is a life of danger or at least toil. My friend had to use a loom for many many hours to make a small table cloth and she said it hurts your back leaning over for hours and she got lots of blisters on her hands "but the colors and textures you can make are fablulous!" Another told me he uses a blow torch for his metal sculptures. His wife doesn't like that but his sons think it's cool. I am going to call my friend in CA who is an art professor and see what she has to say about art. Anymore artists out there with stories to challenge my preconceived ideas? So far no one has challenged the tempermental title or the weird title.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Revenge of the Tattoo

This entry is inspired by Indigo's blog. She talked about kids getting their boyfriend/girlfriend's name tattooed on their body. Not a good idea since most of us wish we could forget those past relationships. Not to mention we don't need a tattoo to remind us how idiotic we acted. So this story is for Indigo. My husband was working the burn unit one time (I cannot disclose the state or city but it wasn't TX or KS). He had a patient come in who had tried to burn his ex-girlfriend after beating the crap out of her. This patient basically wanted her dead and in a very hateful way. Somehow his IQ took over and he ended up burning himself with the gasoline (the ex-girlfriend lived and recovered). He burned himself over most of his body and the ONLY patch of skin they could get a graft from was the place he had a tattoo of her name. So this hateful jerk that could not stand his ex-girlfriend now had her name tattooed all over his body; across his arms, chest and neck. My husband said enjoyed putting that girl's name everywhere on that man. My hubby felt it was great punishment but wished he could have grafted it to his forehead as well.


There are sixteen days left until the movers pick up the contents of our home all neatly packed away in boxes. So far I have been awesome on getting rid of junk. For every packed box I have either filled a bag of trash or filled a box for charity. How is that for downsizing? Unfortunately, I seem to be moving at snail pace. It is just so boring. Maybe if I had a flame thrower gun to burn away some contents of my closets. That would be cool and a great incentive to get working. Nothing like a fire under your butt to make you move.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Daphnewood's Guitar

Okay, so my son wanted to learn guitar and I got him this little sized one. I have been trying to teach him some things but my fat fingers don't fit on all the frets when I try to play an A chord. I don't know how to play the guitar. I have been getting this knowledge from the internet because right now with the move, I don't think starting lessons is a good idea. ANYWAY, what I am trying to say is I got a guitar. It is smoky ash colored and awesome and I love it. My brother bought it for me. And I got a case that they call a "gig bag" but it is hard on the inside (lined with velvet) so nothing can damage my new beauty. So this just cements my resolve to make this year (July 05 to July 06) Daphnewood's year. I have been following around my husband for 15 years, working while he went to school and squeezing a few classes myself where I could. But now he is working and it's my turn (his words). This is going to be Daphnewood's year. I have begun (is this proper english? it doesn't sound right) to lose weight. The exercise regimen has not started but I have scoped out trails in KC and the move is only three weeks away. I will also learn how to sew this year and try to learn some Italian. I want some cosmetic surgery too (smaller boobs) and I want to put all of my home videos of the kids onto DVD's. And now I have added "learn to play the guitar" to the list. I am so excited! I will post a picture of my special gift later. Right now, I just had to tell the world!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Blast From My Past

Has this ever happened to you? You start remembering happy moments of your youth and discuss them with a family member. You both bring up the same person and laugh and wonder how that person is doing. Is he happy? Is he healthy? What is his life like now? And then just in a matter of weeks this person contacts you out of the blue! Well it happened to me and it has been great catching up with him. He was like my father when I was 12 up until age 16 or 17. Well maybe he was more like a goofy big brother. He gave me my first ride on a motorcycle. He taught me algebra and made fun of the 80's fashions that dominated my wardobe (rightly so too). I do not know how we ever lost touch but I am glad we have reconnected.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Is It Worth $17.50?

I am thinking about seeing The Lord Of The Rings special exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. To me, it seems a little pricey for movie memorabilia. Some of those guys were HOT in that movie but I can watch them at home and think $17.50 is a lot to watch clips from the film along with a gold ring in a glass case. Has anyone else seen this exhibit? Give me feedback please! I admit I was a little put off by the "rules" listed. Especially this one :While costumes are welcomed, no real or prop weapons will be permitted. Now that is just freaky. I was thinking about taking my elfin bow or dwarf club/mace along with me. They totally had my number. I am getting flashbacks to the Star Wars clip. Anyway, it is sponsored by the New Zealand government so it can't be all bad, right? They have some awesome movies from there. Have you ever watched Whale Rider? Now that is a top-notch film. Watch it if you haven't. You will not be disappointed. Well unless you can't deal with the accents. Some people can't understand english spoken in anything other than "American".

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Busy Bee

I am going to be good today and do tons of packing and phone work that I have been avoiding. The move is only 3 weeks away and I still have a long way to go. I am getting excited and so is my husband. He calls or IM's me more than once a day lately. It's pretty sad but my family, including myself, want to make sure that the DSL is all ready to go or up and running within a week of moving. They all tell me they can go about a week only without their internet. I guess that is understandable since we don't have television. I don't think I ever clarified that when I was telling everyone about the Atomic Betty issue with my son. He saw the show on in a hotel and got hooked with one viewing. He has seen a total of 11 episodes now and 8 of them were on that DVD ( after the obsession began) the guys at Atomic Cartoons sent. So if that doesn't show you the power of OCD within Autism, nothing will. Then again, if I were as passionate about packing as my son is about Betty, I would be on the curb right now waiting for the truck. Wish me luck everyone!

Sunday, June 05, 2005


So I have been busy and not blogging as you can all tell. I have not even had the chance to catch up on my favorite fellow bloggers sites just yet. Although I did peek at a few. So here goes the synopsis of my past few days. They have been amazing. I went to a summerfest in north Houston. It is a Christian event, 2 days of non-stop bands and Texas heat. Frankly, I could have done without the heat. If you have never been to a music festival before, I recommend the KSBJ Summer festival because I did not have some guy smoking weed in front of me getting me sick from his fumes nor did I have the loud drunk redneck behind me spilling his beer all over my back. Yes, this has happened to me before at Amnesty International 1986 in L.A. during Peter Gabriel and U2 respectively. Anyway, I enjoyed the time with my kids because it wasn't like a huge church service. In fact, they had a big push for World Vision which I think is a good organization. I only ran into a few of those self-righteous individuals [Spencer-you fired 2 of these types a few days ago] who needed to re-read Romans chapter 2. I wish I could put everything into words that could really sum up the experience but I am not feeling very articulate tonight. I will try my best here: I left the festival in love with Jesus and all the people of the world. I am often criticized for my affliation with homosexuals, people of non-christian faiths and my love for the science world. I know now, there is a place for me in God's kingdom. He has commanded us to love Him first and then love our neighbors as we love ourselves. So, I kept hearing this phrase "the radical message of Jesus" and I think that is just what I am. One of his radical servants and I can deal with that. Here are a few pictures from our fun. Seriously folks, look into some Christian music. It is really not given its due: Skillet (head-banger music) Kutless (alternative type) Hawk Nelson (sounds like Blink 182 to me) David Crowder (praise music with a kick AND he is my new favorite person) Newsboys (listen the the song 'shine' it is fantastic)

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