Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not Impressed Yet

I am not impressed with the new blogger just yet. I may be jumping ship soon. I don't know. I really hate how I have to log in twice and it never remembers my information. What is the deal with that? I have also had a bad day with my walking so I am bit grumpy. I made it only ONCE around the lake. My ankle just hurt too bad. I sat down for several minutes then just wandered arounded a local Target store to up my step count. I did so good yesterday with making over 12,000 steps but today looks grim. Oh well, at least I am trying. SO tell me what you all think of the new blogger. If you like it better please tell me why. I need some positive outlook about this mess.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This Is Never Good

We are peanut butter eaters in this house. I mostly buy the natural style. You know, the kind you have to stir up and put in the fridge. It is superior peanut butter. But sometimes I buy the Wal-Mart brand when I know the kids won't stir it up and I do not want to get up at 6am and do the stirring. So that is where this jar came from. I bought it and it has been sitting there because we now have the good kind which everyone prefers. So yesterday I see this jar on the shelf and think to myself "hey that is Wal-mart's brand. Great Value. Wasn't that one of those peanut butters that was tainted with salmonella?" So I do a quick internet search and look. Sure enough but it is those jars with codes that begin with 2111. That is when I think (or maybe say out loud) "Holy crap! this jar has the 2111 code." I unscrew the top and see that some has been eaten. This is never a good sign. After much interrogation of my children and family I realized it was eaten weeks ago and no one got sick. Mr. Daphnewood said, if they have't gotten sick by now then they won't. But we trashed the PB. No need to tempt fate.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Am Easily Influenced

I have invested a mere $3.48 on a pedometer. I know how far I walk when I go around the lake/pond (it is kind of small to call a lake) because the trail is all measured out. However, I am trying to make myself health conscious at all times, not just when I walk. I shudder to think what I will be like when I get my glucose kit next week. Have any of my blogger buddies used a pedometer? I see that 10,000 steps a day is the concensus of what is deemed as "active". I have found many helpful tips on the internet like getting up from the computer every hour and walking 200-300 steps. It takes less than 5 minutes and my work won't make me a cubicle prisoner that way. It is amazing that a tiny plastic contraption could make me so aware to get moving. Are there any other suckers out there like me?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Trix, You Lie

This is NOT a new shape. You youngsters may not remember this but little round colored trix was the original shape of this cereal. It just goes to show you, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I ALWAYS felt like ball-shaped was the better way to go. I am glad General Mills finally saw it my way.

Yes, I know that I seriously need to get a life.

My Crush Has A Bad Night

Before you all think I do nothing but go out to eat everyday of the week, I must clarify that I have these free coupons that have to be used up in a certain amount of time. That is why I am visiting this restaurant so often. It costs me nothing. Anyway, now that the disclaimer is finished, my crush was having a bad night. We had to wait for his table but I don't mind about waiting for him. He is that good and that cute. Poor Seth was flustered though and not his usual jovial self. And to make matters worse, the good cook wasn't on tonight either. So my food didn't taste as good, Seth was sweet but had a sadness about him and I couldn't have an after dinner drink because I was driving! Does that suck or what?! I have gotten used to that smooth Bailey's and coffee after a fine meal. Mr. Daphnewood had his and so did my mom. Oh well, there is always next time. It was still nice to have a quiet dinner with just adults. I forget how pleasant that can be sometimes.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Scheduling Blip

My morning has been messed up. Little Man stayed home today so no walk until later. I don't want to leave him to his own devices. He is far too curious and is always finding new ways to experience trouble. I remember one time he put play-doh in some toy. He left it there for several days. I asked him why did he do that and he said "it was an experiment. If you don't take it out immediately then the toy will be ruined." That is Little Man. He never takes anyone's word for it. He has to try it himself just to see.

On another note, I think I have a crush. There is this young man that has become "our waiter" at this restaurant we go to. He is so darn good at his job that I never have to ask for anything. Our glasses are always filled no matter what drink we choose. He knows how Mr. D likes his steak cooked, how my mom likes pure horseradish instead of the mixed up stuff and how I hate the carrots they make there. There is just something about a young good looking guy bringing food to me that makes me melt. I think my whole family has a crush on him. Maybe I should adopt the boy. Him and the cook.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

4 Laps Again

I made it 4 times around the lake again today. My legs were still a little sore from yesterday so I went walking with the intention of making it 3 times around because that is still a pretty good walk. But that glorious Zune was playing my playlist and the songs inspired me to keep going. How can you stop walking when the Cranberries are singing Dreams? I couldn't. I made it 4 laps with no problems. I honestly could have gone for a 5th but I am worried I will burn myself out. I have done that before. Some exercise is better than none. I will go 2-3 weeks at 4 laps then upgrade one lap. I will keep on that schedule. What do you think? I feel great. I feel alive.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Doing Great

So my routine is to take the kids to school then go exercise for 45 minutes. Which right now is mostly walking. I am not going to a gym because I fail at those places. I decided to get active doing things I like to do. In the past, I didn't have an MP3 player. My gosh those things have revolutionized the whole exercise world. I normally can only go 3 laps around the lake/pond but today I was listening to Mr. D's Zune and I made it four times around. I made up my own playlist and I was so happy getting out of breath and working muscles in my legs that rarely get used. So right now it is walking but I plan on adding things like shooting baskets, playing catch, going to the batting cages and bowling. Fun stuff that doesn't even seem like exercise. Maybe even dancing but that could disasterous. I have no rhythm at all. Seriously.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I Must Change

Well, it finally happened. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and was told I was borderline diabetic. I tried taking this medicine she prescribed but it made me feel terrible. Isn't medicine suppose to make you feel better? So I stopped taking it. I started a regular exercise program. At least five times a week. I haven't eaten red meat except 1 time in the past month. The fact of the matter is that I must change. Whatever I have been trying in the past has not worked so now I have to do it their way. It sucks to be me right now.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gross Or Cute?

Valentine's Day passed in a blur due to the festivities of M-Boy's b-day on the 13th. However, Little Man was sure to give me a "special" Valentine. First, there was the handmade card. Inside there was a picture of a brain on the left side with the words "smart daddy" underneath and then on the right side a picture of a heart with the the words "sweet mommy" underneath. Oh, I do not mean the cutesiepie hearts that surround cartoon images of Cupid. This heart was like the one in your chest with veins and arteries everywhere that actually was pretty graphic for an 8 year old. He said "Daddy is the brain and you are the heart. Our family is like a body." What a sweet kid, huh? Then he handed me this plastic baggie with a used q-tip, a toenail and a few strands of hair. He handed it over to me with this huge smile and eager look in his eye like he was giving me the best treasure the planet had to offer. I asked him "what is all this stuff?" He said, "it's my DNA. I am giving you my DNA so you can always keep it close." How would you respond? I just hugged him tight and thanked him for such a thoughtful gift. It was kind of gross but I feel so loved.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Birthdays, Snowdays and Hurt Ankles

Today is M-Boy's birthday. He is 14 now and thinks he is a grown man. I will let him live out his little fantasy for the day then smash that grandeur first thing tomorrow. He got a real bonus for his birthday by waking up to a snowday. No school! I, personally, am sick of the stuff. Maybe driving around with a filthy muddy car is someone else's idea of fun but not me. I like my roads to be non-slushy and non-slippery. And I know for a FACT that Mr. Daphnewood is sick of the snow. He slipped outside the hospital last night and hurt his ankle. His friends in orthopedics helped him out. It might be worse than he is letting on but he hasn't been home yet so I don't know for sure. When men get hurt they have two reactions. The first is to respond like a baby and need lots and lots of attention. The second is to act like a stoic soldier that feels no pain despite the fact their limbs have been ripped from their body. Mr. Daphnewood is responding like the stoic soldier this time. So until I actually see him, I won't know how bad it is. Men. And I can't believe M-Boy wants to be one already.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What Daphne Needs

I stole this from Simple American. What he did was went to google then typed in his name and then the word 'needs' after. Google provided some funny insight to what he needed. Here are some examples from my search of "Daphne needs"

1. Daphne needs no man- well somedays I beg to differ but being a strong confident woman I will concur with this notion.
2. Daphne needs a kick in the ass- don't we all?
3. Daphne needs an epidural- not anymore!
4. Daphne needs to planted in a spot where it gets protection from the hot mid-day sun- ooookay
5. Daphne needs to be a 100% indoor kitty
6. Daphne needs to be "punished" and to right the wrongs of her own life choices - now that is a little harsh, don't you think?
7. Daphne needs less makeup though- uh, I am already at pretty much at the minimum in this department.
8. Daphne needs a quick roll in the hay- ALWAYS
9. Daphne needs to get laid- I am sensing a theme here
10. Daphne needs a date- Enough with my sex life already!
11. Daphne needs some sleep- I am fond of naps
12. Daphne needs to be tickled a bit at the bottom before it’s put in the hole and then it’s time for backfilling- *sigh* are we back to the topic of sex already?
13. Daphne needs a subscription for Xanax- apparently so
14. Daphne needs you- yes, I need all of you.

So what do you need?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I forgot I had to turn on the comment verification crap for a short time. My emailbox was getting overloaded with SPAM from this blog. Now I am a big fan of spam, especially if the boys from Monty Python are around but this type of spam that filled my computer was not even remotely funny. Hopefully this won't be a permanent thing.

Monday, February 05, 2007

A New Experience

I am sure all of you know better but FYI, never go outside with wet hair if the temperature is below freezing. I felt like I had something in my hair this morning as I took the kids to school. When I reached up to feel what it was, I discovered icicles. I nearly died of laughter that this southern Californian girl never experienced frozen hair before. A toast to new experiences and things that make you smile! *clink*

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Going Through Some Blahs

Perhaps it is the weather. Perhaps not. Right now I am going through a funk and will not be blogging much. I wish it was because I am extremely busy living this exciting life of mine. But alas, it is because I am sleeping. way. too. much.

And yes, I will be going to the doctor today at 2pm. My first appointment in nearly 2 years with an MD. Pray for me.