Friday, June 30, 2006

Live or Memorex?

Have you noticed that every time Osama Bin Laden releases a tape it is audio only? All the other beheading type terrorists release videos but his are always audio. Is it really him? Maybe he is severely disfigured now or something like that. Maybe he has no legs. Maybe he has been burned and can no longer grow a beard. Maybe he is getting plastic surgery to look like Michael Jackson or Brad Pitt. I think that his myth is growing this way and 100 years from now, supposed audio tapes from Bin Laden will released with his latest opinions.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Your Tax Dollars At Work

I am so glad to hear that the state of Ohio is not wasting taxpayers' money. Oh not at all. I should have made this one an audio post because I am saying this with extreme sarcasm. Did you read about the Amish Milk Sting? This Amish farmer offers milk to a stranger and because it is raw milk, he is not allowed to share. I might have posted the one link that didn't mention how the Amish man tried to give it away for free but the undercover agent left $2 anyway. So, the farmer is trapped. His way of life requires he share with the community but the law of the land says no, you cannot share with your neighbor. And we paid for this sting. Yes, raw milk is not the safest drink in the world but come on people! The guy is a freakin farmer that wants to give to someone who said he was in need. There are thousands of people without homes and food in this country, children being killed or abused by their parents, public schools that graduate illiterate students, big companies polluting our rivers, oceans and lakes, gangs taking over our inner cities with violent crime and Ohio chooses to nail a farmer for acting neighborly. Way to go! I feel so much safer and confident in the future direction of America.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Clarification and a Question

Thanks so much for saying nice things about my blog Kimananda, Vickie and Sangroncito. Honestly though, I meant that post to be a thank you to all of you for reading. My life is not full of adventure, it is just full. I am not super intelligent but I love being around intelligence. I just meant that despite the lack of interesting topics, you all keep coming back and I appreciate it. When I think about my blogroll, I realize that I have diverse blog buddies yet I see something of myself or someone I love dearly in each of you. It's kind of strange but I get so much pleasure reading your blogs and comments that I hope, I can give back just a fraction of the enjoyment. I think I like reading the blogs and commenting more than writing my own blog. But I have to admit, it is a great way to express some creativity.

Okay, so once again, I love my readers! Keep coming back because you never know when the post might be an award winner. Now for the question I need to ask. This is mostly for anyone over the age of 36 (my age). I need to know, will I ever stop getting zits? You would think that a woman who is nearly 40 would stop getting blemishes whenever "the tragedy" (menses) threatens to call. I was just wondering. And no, this is not one of those award winning posts :D

Monday, June 26, 2006


I have been thinking about my blog. I know it is shallow. I don't have profound thoughts nor do I try to dazzle you with my stunning intellect. I mostly talk about mundane things. Usually people have a purpose when they blog. But for me, I just like to write what is on my mind. I am sorry I am not more interesting but I wanted to say thank you to you all for reading anyway. Maybe someday I will show you that I am not really this shallow. Then again, maybe someday I will learn that I really am this shallow.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Getting To Know You

I have a huge family. My father had 4 children before marrying my mother. My mom already had one. Then they had me (4+1+1=6). After that, they divorced. My father married a woman with 8 (6+8=14) children and my mom married a man with 1 child then had one more together (14 + 1+1=16). So including me, that is around 16 siblings. I know them all but am not close with them all because I wasn't raised around them. But I do love each and every one even when I am not liking them (if that makes any sense). One of my brothers has gotten in touch with me recently and he has a knack for warming my heart. He is funny, obnoxious, crazy but totally loveable all in one. He has travelled the U.S. living in various states but is back in California now. He kept making comments about how old he is and I scoffed at those remarks. But later, I started thinking about how much time has passed. It is really sad. No, I still do not think my brother is old, but I have missed a lot in his life. I hope we can really catch up and make this time together be quality time spent. So my dear readers and blogger buddies, please make an effort to touch base with a loved one you haven't spoken with in a while. You just might make their day. If you owe them money, you are exempt from this exercise ;)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Am I Getting Ripped Off?

Mr. Daphnewood bought two new white doctor coats. He is a big guy and doesn't like the tapered kind. He has a rounder physique and thinks the tapered coats with belts make him look "girly". Remember folks, he is a Texan through and through. Anyway, I took these coats to the dry cleaner this week. He told me to take them to a local place. When I walked in, I saw no posted prices. Nothing. Nada. Nothing on the windows either. It was a small business but he likes to support the locals that way. So I dropped them off and took my ticket home. When I picked them up (two days later!) the price for the cleaning with heavy starch was $15.40 after taxes. Doesn't that seem excessive? They were lab coats! No fur lined collars, no leather cuffs, no golden zippers, just plain white lab coats. I think I am getting ripped off. I think the guy saw the coats and said "Oh look, a doctor and neurosurgeon to boot! Let's make a killing!" Am I freaking out over nothing? Is dry cleaning just that expensive in Kansas? I know even the shirts are more to clean too. I miss the $.94 men's shirt same day cleaning in Houston. Where is a Dry Cleaning Planet when you need one?!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Can Be So Evil

I was thinking about Beyonce and her brush with PETA. I honestly did not read the entire article nor am a fan of PETA or Beyonce. I just think it was sneaky what they did but perfectly in their rights to do so. I am not sure how Beyonce reacted but things like that wouldn't even bother me in the slightest. Oh no. If they want to whip out videos of slaughtered animals I would say "oh tragic! Do you want to watch "The Silent Scream" now?" Then I would show video of our soldiers being killed fighting for PETA's freedom to crash parties and spread the word about fur. Then I would show video footage of all the refugees in the world dying because they do not have enough to eat and the little food they do get doesn't have enough vitamins in it to sustain life and a steak would do them good. Then I would tell them how plants shrink away in pain when picked, cut, bent or marred in any fashion. Those selfish plant killers! Then I would call security and ask them to please escort these people out but to be sure and give them a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken for their efforts.

Seriously, I really don't think PETA did anything wrong by bidding for seats to the dinner but their tactics remind me of the Spanish Inquisition. It makes it hard to take their cause serious. Still the dinner stunt was a lot better than the throwing paint crap they use to do. Or do they still do that? ah whatever.

I started a new blog about baseball to keep my Astros talk off of this one. If you like the Astros or baseball feel free to read. If you don't, don't worry about it. It is just a way to get it out of my system. Roger Clemens pitches tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

You Learn Something New Everyday

Did you know that the flags of Texas and Chile look pretty darn similar? I didn't.

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this is the Texas flag, the Lone Star State

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And here is the flag of Chile, the country that is all coastal property.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Thursday Hurry Up!

I have twenty two reasons to look forward to thursday and they all have to do with Roger Clemens. It is his opening night and my boys ( The Astros) better give him some run support. I will be glued to my computer and my family better stay away from my bandwith.

Oh by the way my fellow bloggers, I went to see that movie The Lake House with the hottie Keanu Reeves. You want to talk about a perfect movie for me, that is it. It was a romance with a bit of sci-fi time travel infused. How perfectly geeky and sappy all rolled in one. I was in heaven. Why do I like science fiction so much? Romance is easy to explain but my gosh, did anyone else cry when Jean-Luc Picard was captured by the Borg? probably not. In fact, I bet most of you don't even know what I am talking about. That is okay. Our differences is what makes the world go round, right?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Feeling Down and Angry (The Rant)

The Astros lost two out of three games to the Kansas City Royals. I know the Royals have to win some of the time, but why now? Now I will have to listen to Dayn Perry bag on the 'Stros some more. It's not like he ever says anything nice about them anyway but we sure gave him fuel for this week's power rankings. Mr. Daphnewood has been working (X) hours a week. Although "officially" his time sheet says 80 hours it never includes travel, b.s.-ing and the five million pages that go off in the middle of the night. There was a graduation party for the chief resident that also kept him away from home. So basically, I have seen him for about 35 minutes total this week.

Both Mr. Daphnewood and I got paid last friday. The money is all gone to pay the bills with some still waiting. I also got the fee schedule for my daughter's school in the mail which really burns my butt every time I think about it. PAYING FOR PUBLIC SCHOOL IS WRONG!!!! Republicans and Democrats can all kiss my butt today when I think about forking out $200 so my daughter can just walk through the door of the high school. All politicians are money grubbing bastards. I am in such a foul mood. Sorry. I might as well get the rant fully out of my system, eh?

I bought steaks for father's day. They were on sale for $8.99 lb. What a deal (not)! If the workers at Wal-Mart (where I bought the steaks) wanted to buy some they would have had to work 2 full hours to pay for one steak. Some jerk keeps parking over the line in our parking lot out front. Parking is hard enough to find without some vision impaired dork taking up two spaces who doesn't even live here but is shopping at the nursery across the street. Nursery, build a bigger parking lot or do your tree hugging ways prevent such action? Hey neighbor! DO I like the sound of your (c)rap music and the smell of your ganja coming through the walls of my home? No , I do not so turn down the volume and quit smoking the weed. It kills your brain cells and you really don't have too many of those to spare. And finally, movie critics, get a life. Who really gives a rip if you think Keanu Reeves can't act?! I am sick and tired of people bashing him. He is hot and even if he never uttered a single word I would stare wide-eyed at one of his movies. He's hot, you're not, so get over it.

God I feel better.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Good Vibes

I am just sending good vibes out to all of my blogger buddies on this friday. If you happen to be a father, have a fantastic Father's Day this weekend. The rest of you need to do something special for your dad if he is still on this earth. God bless you all with good health, good friends and good fun for the weekend. See you monday!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Paid Interpreters

Okay, I got this email the other day about a vacation in Mexico. It was really bad. I admit I laughed at parts like when the dad says "they better!" But mostly it was chock full of stereotypes and at the end pretty mean spirited about "crappy cars". The reason I bring this up is the interpreter topic. Why do we have to provide an interpreter for people that do not speak english? This is not just Spanish speaking individuals either. If the native tongue is not english, law requires we provide an interpreter in most settings. I know in the medical field it is required. And the hospital or doctor has to pay for the expenses NOT the patient. Does that seem fair especially since most do not have insurance and the doctor will not be compensated anyway? At the school my son attends, they have parent teacher conference days and one day is set aside for those that need interpreters so the school can hire them and bring them in at minimal cost (one day only). Why? Yes, I think we should try to understand other languages and help foreigners adapt but HIRE interpreters? I think the ones needing it should foot the bill. Just my opinion y'all.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I know I talk a lot about autism on this blog. I only knew a little about it before M-Boy was diagnosed. It seems nowadays in western cultures, many people either have a loved one or know someone with autism. I think a major difference between autism and other disorders, such as Downs Syndrome, the spectrum is much wider. What I mean by that is autism can be so mild that people hardly notice or it can be so severe that no one can reach the autistic individual. No two autistics have exactly the same characteristics. M-Boy is considered "high functioning". I really hate those words. I don't know why. They just bug me. If you watched the video of M-Boy talking about his surgery, you probably noticed his odd speech patterns or the way he says certain words. This I think separates him from his peers the most. However, I have noticed lately a change. He is saying short sentences like a teen. I know I shouldn't be happy about slang but for a person with a communication disorder it is progress. Like last night he said "hey mom, there's a firefly!" The intonation was perfect and he used a contraction! It seems so small but for this mom, it is huge. I am doing a terrible job of explaining it all. Just be happy for him. I am.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Nice People

I met some nice people this weekend. First I met a little lady who was widowed a few years ago. She told me stories of her husband who died from complications from agent orange. Basically he got a rare cancer from serving his country all those years ago. She was such a strong woman and a real inspiration. I loved talking with her and it has been so long since I took time to speak with a new person at such lengths. The next person was man from Trinidad. This guy was so happy about his team drawing a tie from Sweden in the World Cup. He was so cute and bubbly but tall. He talked about how he moved away from California because it is too expensive (I hear ya!) and when he finally retires he will go back to Trinidad. His words of wisdom "I don't care where you come from, there is no place like home". I think that is true to some degree. It was just really a pleasure to meet such nice people from different backgrounds. It gives me hope about humanity.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer Snow Storms and Daphnewood Tells a Lie

Did you know it snows in Kansas City during the summer? Okay, technically it isn't summer yet but I always count June as summer. And technically it isn't snow that is falling. It is cottonwood. There are cottonwood trees EVERYWHERE in this city. Whenever you go outside you can see these white puffs floating around you. At first I thought they were dandelions escaping from their puff stems but I was corrected by a native. It is unreal the amount of cottonwood in the sky.

I told a lie to Mr. Daphnewood. I told him that baseball wasn't sexual. In fact Nettie was the first to bring it to my attention that Andy Pettitte was HOT. I mean, yeah I thought this is a good looking fellow and he pitches like a dream but, hot? Yes, perhaps he is. Then yesterday I was speaking with some Astros fans online and one shared this picture. It is Brad Ausmus, catcher for the Astros. Let's just say that baseball uniforms do these men no justice. I will never be able to look at Brad in the same way again. That is HOT. So, I am sorry Mr. Daphnewood but it was NOT an intentional lie.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Seven Is Heaven

I am finishing up my seven straight happy posts with a tag from SunGrooveTheory aka Sunny (to me anyway because she just radiates sunshine!) So here goes:

I SAID: I would lose weight this year. I am happy to say, while no signifacant poundage has left my massive frame, at least I have not gained!

I WANT: to keep Solin forever. Alas, she is not mine and belongs to her uncle but I am happy he shares her so generously.

I WISH: Mr. Daphnewood was done with his residency. Did you know it takes 7 years out of med school to be a neurosurgeon? 7 years! and that is after 4 years of med school and 4 years of undergraduate school.

I HATE: my lips. They are thin and colorless. Not kissable at all.

I MISS: Jeff Bagwell playing first base for the Astros.

I HEAR: Little Man snoring in my bed, a fan blowing and Rocket Man by Elton John playing through my computer.

I WONDER: where will we end up living when Mr. Daphnewood is all done? I kind of like the midwest with all the seasons. I have never had that before since I was raised in Southern California.

I REGRET: not visiting my father more. He lives in San Diego and it is hard to get out there.

I AM NOT: a very good bookkeeper. Balance a checkbook; what's that?!

I DANCE: only when no one is looking. Rhythmically challenged is what they call me.

I SING: only if I know the words.

I CRY: way too much! sappy commercials can even make me cry. ughh!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: patient but I do try. I am more patient with those that I love than strangers. Meaning, poor customer service often sets me off and WalMart hates to see me walk through their door.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: delicious baked goods. Although I am not as good at cooking nor as exoctic as my father can cook, my kids still come running to eat.

I WRITE: no poetry anymore but I am writing a bit about my experiences as a mother and wife in an MSWORD file. It's a start of a book of sorts I guess.

I CONFUSE: the days of the week. Like I thought yesterday was wednesday! I hate when I do that but it happens every week at least once.

I NEED: a little space. It is easy for me to feel smothered but my family is great about understanding my quirks.

I SHOULD: take the kids swimming and to the library more. Their brains and bodies might atrophy over the summer.

I START: cleaning up the house but get sidetracked

I FINISH: my fries. everytime. thus the reason for no weight loss.

So that ends the seven happy posts. I am trying hard to keep my mind open and free of negative thoughts. Yesterday I slipped a little by throwing out some choice words while on the freeway but I was provoked. Happy day everyone!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happiness Only for the Sixth Time

Here marks my 6th happy post. I think it is a fitting number since today is such a whirlwind about it being 6/6/06. So here is one more six to throw in the pot but only into the pot of happiness, right?

First off, the Astros won tonight. whoohoo! We needed it since we have been sucking bigtime. This one announcer named JD has this gawdawful plaid coat he calls his "must win coat". He wore it on air tonight to help the 'Stros along to get their win. So far the coat is 3-for-3 according to JD. I say wear the ugly thing every night!

Anyway, I have one more thing to be happy about. Actually I am a little nervous too. When I went to Houston, we had a little time to kill before the game. Mr. Daphnewood took me to Major's Bookstore. It is for the advanced student or professional, usually specializing in medical texts, but they did have a GRE sample book. I picked it up and started taking a sample test. Oh my gosh. Why have I been so afraid of this test? I got 7 out of 7 correct on the vocabulary part. The essay section is a no-brainer for me. You can't tell from my blog but when I have to, I can write. I have always been recognized by my professors for my writing skills. I just need a bit of brush up on the math section. I have decided that I am going ahead with my grad school plans. Isn't that happy news? It will probably take a year for me to take the GRE and apply to grad school but I am going ahead with my plans for a higher degree. Those who pray, please keep me in your prayers. I would greatly appreciate it.

The final tidbit of happy news is M-Boy got his stitches out today and the gauze removed from his ear. It was really cute. I caught him clapping into both ears, testing his new hearing out. I can tell he is really pleased. In two weeks I think the doc will test M-Boy's hearing officially by sending M-Boy to audiology. He almost made me cry at dinner last night when he suddenly jumped up and whispered "I am talking quieter now." Yes, M-Boy you are and we are all happy for you.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A Fifth Happy Post

I went to Houston and picked up Solin. She and Mouse are already bound at the hip. I haven't had real salsa in so long that when I went to a tex-mex restaurant in Houston, my tongue was on fire. It was really funny. It tasted wonderful and I brought back a quart of each type of salsa (green and red) along with some tortilla chips. We had an ice chest and kept it fresh in there.

So I bet you are wondering about the Astros game, huh? It was AWESOME. I was trying to think of a different adjective but awesome just fit so well. They lost 7-5 to the Reds which sucked because Reds really aren't that good (sorry Leslie but take comfort in the fact they swept the Astros). Guess who was pitching!? Oh yeah, my hero, Andy Pettitte! He was so perfect to watch. Even Mr. Daphnewood had a good time. It was really fun because he would ask about certain rules or why did they opt for a intentional walk. I was the teacher and he was the student. That is reversed normally in our house. We ate soft pretzels and shared a coke while wearing our free Astros cap. It was the best date we had together in a long time. He said he might even take me to another one in July when we take Solin home.

I took some pictures and a little bit of video while the crowd sang "Deep in the Heart of Texas". I'll try to upload them later. Happy monday everyone!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Fourth Happy Post

I have so much to be happy about but really not much time to tell you all. First and foremost, the kids are out of school and they look sooooo happy. They aren't fighting with each other. They are being considerate to one another. I know it will not last long but I am basking in their euphoria for now.

Yesterday, I saw a rainbow. It was a big huge fat one and it was so bright. I was thinking I would find myself a leprechaun or two with that beauty.

Roger Clemens is back on the Astros. I don't care if he pitches like the biggest loser in the world. It is like the bible story of the prodigal son. A family member came home. We don't care where he's been or what he has done, just welcome home. Welcome Home Roger!

I ate a mushroom, ham, onion and cheese omelet for breakfast. It just melted in my mouth. It was so good. It started my day off right and it has been a wonderful day.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Houston. I will see Solin and bring her blonde butt up to Kansas for the summer. I will also take in an Astros game since I purchased the tickets and they are on my fridge! Whoohoo!

note to Solin: what kind of sodas do you drink? diet or regular? I always forget.